On Publishers Controlling Game Reviews (The Jimquisition)

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As Bethesda proudly announces it will no longer provide review copies until the day before a game launches, The decides to deliver some hefty side-eyeing.
This news came just as your very own Jim Sterling found out EA considers him a “wild card” who isn’t to be trusted with high profile games like Battlefield 1.

Game publishers have been steadily manipulating the review process for years, and when you consider how shitty the “AAA” game world’s become… it any bloody wonder?


  1. 1. Vote with your wallet.

    2. Don’t pre-order

    3. Don’t buy day one.

    Speaking only for myself, Bethesda will no longer receive money from my

    I cannot support these anti-consumer practices.

  2. Third time’s a charm.

    Sincere apologies for this video going up and down like my pants at a “Bum
    Jim Sterling In The Bum” party. It has been a very rough night.

    Video is fixed and ready for your enjoyment. <3

  3. We should refrain from buying until the reviews are released. Stay strong
    and stand your grounds.

  4. I give this re-upload a 8/10. Bethesda approves. Konami…not so much.


  6. I don’t preorder much, but I preordered The New Pokemans, mostly because I
    wanted a physical copy shipped to me.

  7. Jim: Woah, Jimquisition time mofos

    Me: But it’s Tuesday

    Jim: *puts finger on my lip* SHHHHHhhh…

  8. I miss demos..
    remember those?

  9. Also yeah IGN really sucks

  10. I can proudly say I’ve never pre-ordered once, and I’ve still been able to
    get the games I want.

  11. Why does fucking Chip keep getting chance, after chance the useless prick,
    you are by far, too kind and generous Jim. Thank god for you.

  12. “Pretty decent penis”

    Jim Sterling 2016

  13. Peter W (Rednev444)

    And this is why I never pre order games. Or really anything for that

  14. I really don’t buy new games much anyways… any new games I do buy are
    typically several months behind. That’s the safest way tbh

  15. Never understood why people NEED to have games the day they release.

  16. Poor Chip.

  17. I’d like to know who is on this list of wildcard reviewers. I need to know
    who I can trust when asking how my dresses look on me.

  18. Oh also.
    Jim Fucking “Wildcard” Sterling, Son. Suppose that’s your new name?

  19. Jim, you misunderstood, EA hasn’t labeled you a Wildcard for your reviews,
    they consider you a Wildcard for your sexual exploits. It’s a warning to
    their PR people that the experience of sleeping with you might be…

  20. Ah so thats why Gamespot IGN AND EVERYFUCKING ONE says the same shit, BF1
    is innovative and A BREATH OF FRESH AIR, fucking christ!

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