Om Nom Stories: Video Blog – Workout

This time, Om Nom decided to start his own video blog, but as usual, got a bit out of hand… Watch cute monster’s latest adventures and don’t forget to give him a “like”!

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  1. The eggs are on 1:40

  2. The Secret Object It’s on the 1:40

  3. i love om nom
    very cute

  4. original super divertidos los videos no canso de verlos

  5. ????????????????????????

  6. How To Basic will love this if he see eggs.

  7. At 1:40, I found it.

  8. I found the Ten packs of eggs


  10. subscribe to my chanel search things I do now as a little kid then there will be a chanel called SSpheonex 27 2 11 then press it to subscribe

  11. Leonardo Israel Pinzón Coronel

    Amo Om Nom

  12. so cuteeee

  13. I found the Secret Object is on 1:40! oh and nice video! Om Nom I’ll tap the Like button and will you happy? ☺

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  15. good boy,good video,Son

  16. Jhonata dos santos Cipriano Jhonata dos santos


  17. the egg is in 1:40

  18. 11: 30 watch out its a bull

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