Om Nom Stories: Video Blog – Easter

This time, Om Nom decided start his own video blog, but as usual, things got a out hand… Watch cute monster’s latest adventures and don’t forget give him a “like”!

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  1. early late

  2. лимон на 1:36 ! и я первая заметила


  4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. At 1:36, I found the object.

  6. Good episode, but you should to stop uploading compilations and only upload the episode.

  7. Саша Бичиков

    чё то рано

  8. Why not just upload the episodes individually? I only came for the Easter segment.

  9. kennedadopt ollea yope

    its is going to be fat

  10. I found the object is at 1:37! I wish in next season of Om Nom Video Blog will be new season

  11. ongart wijintanasarn

    yay! om nom’s egg

  12. ahhh i love these! om nom is SO CUTE

  13. MGlanting SGScubao

    That is funny moments ???????????????????

  14. The girl Nom Nom is SOO KAWAII!!

  15. Fun video to childs!

  16. RajivMolero Gaming

    does om nom drink?

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