Oh Virginia! (The Jimquisition)

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If you see sinister political agendas where none actually exist, you might be a bit weird.

If you see a game with a woman in and instantly write it off as “SJW propaganda,” you might have a problem with more than just propaganda.


  1. Wait, they’re freaking out over a black female protagonist? What? God,
    people are fucking dumb.

  2. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    If you see a game with a woman in it and instantly write it off as “SJW
    propaganda,” you’ve probably never seen, let alone *spoken* to an actual
    woman in real life.

  3. I liked Gone Home, it was cute and actually tricked me to what it was and i
    loved that.

  4. #NotAllGamers have watched this whole video before leaving a comment

    …this is about boglins, right?

  5. I’ve had one person go so far as to say that “Her Story” is a feminist game
    because it was titled “Her Story”.

    These people



  6. I’m sure the comments will be nothing but reasonable and mature. I’m also
    sure I’ll grow a third testicle today.

  7. I’m reminded of a comment I saw on your Quiet video, which said that Quiet
    was designed as she was on purpose as an “anti-SJW” message.

    From my experience, the anti-SJW’s are far more loud and obnoxious than any
    “SJW’s” I’ve ever seen.

  8. This is as bad as Final Fantasy 7!!! I put Yuffi, Aerith and Tifa in my
    party… when did it turn into SUCH an SJW game!?!? One of them even had
    the TEMERITY to DIE!! Way to push a creeping feminist agenda!

    In all seriousness though, people are looking for any way to be offended
    nowadays & I’m surprised that over 80% of the public can even walk past the
    pub toilets without accusing the sign on the ladies door of making men feel
    inadequate with their giant triangular skirts.

  9. This content is inappropriate. I will report it accurately once I become a

  10. Aww, no Boglin Watch or #fuckonami News?

  11. Jim Sterling constantly whining about SJW-things is more annoying by now
    than SJW itself. It’s so … irrelevant. Those people who whine on forums
    don’t matter. People will always complain about something. But he’s just
    constantly bringing attention to a worthless and pointless topic. Urgh …

    Edit: expressed myself poorly and now I get the shit I deserve 5/7.
    Papa Bless.

  12. If you think this is bad you should venture into the Mafia 3 steam
    discussion boards, the amount of hate being posted over Lincoln being a
    black guy in a game called Mafia is insane. Despite these people being told
    that he is actually trying to take down the Mafia and not part of the Mafia
    they still persist with the Neo Nazi hate against the game simply because
    they chose a black lead. One guy even asked why the KKK are in the game?
    It’s a game set in 60s America with a black lead character, it would be
    more wrong if the KKK weren’t in the game. There’s a guy who refers to
    Mafia 3 as Black Lives Matter the game ffs. Fucking idiots need to realise,
    it’s just a fucking game.


  14. “He was homeschooled while I was homeless, the Tory cunt.”

    Jim, I love you.

  15. The Cult of William Dudley Pelley

    Jim, I agree that the people who yell about this kind of shit are stupid,
    but they’re so incredibly few and far between nowadays. This reminds me a
    lot of that video Wil Wheaton did where he just sat and bitched about an
    incredibly small demographic of neckbeards who didn’t like the new Star
    Wars because it had a female lead. Seriously, I feel like you’re taking a
    very tiny, nearly non-existent demographic, and just blowing it way the
    fuck out of proportion so you can complain about it, which is something
    that many critics of social justice have pointed out social justice
    advocates do. Obviously this doesn’t completely nullify your point – people
    who bitch about “muh sjws” any time they see a woman or black person in a
    video game are cancer, but they’re so immensely small of a demographic that
    dedicating an entire Jimquisition to them just seems petty and pointless.

  16. *listens to explanation of Extinction Engine* So a standard McDonald’s

  17. Reuben Holland (RJH7)

    Anti-SJWs are becoming what they hate, getting triggered when they see
    political positions that differ from their own

  18. You can play as Princess Peach in several Mario titles. Must be SJW
    bullshit, right? I haven’t seen or heard anyone seriously use the term
    “SJW” as a criticism who isn’t full of crap and a terrible person.

  19. Here’s the thing, there are extremists and idiots on both sides. For every
    “Baldur’s Gate: Dragonspear NEEDS to teach cis white male scum about sjw
    issues”, there’s an equal “Life is strange is sjw propaganda!”. Idiots
    shouldn’t get attention no matter which side they’re on.

    I am very verbally against sjw, and yet I think Life is strange was an
    enjoyable experience. The fact of the matter is extremists will find issues
    where there is none and that goes for both sides, but the problem here is
    you are being biassed by only mentioning one side of the extremist
    argument, which kind of points you towards being a supporter of the
    opposite extremist side.

    I won’t dislike the video, because I don’t think you’re wrong, I just think
    you should also mention the other side of the story, if you insist on
    getting involved in the subject. Ranting aside, I see no problem with
    Virginia. I haven’t played the game myself, mind you, but if the only issue
    these extremists have with it is that the protagonist is a black woman,
    then the extremistst are obviously wrong.

  20. Sounds like youre making this more of a thing than anyone else Jim

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