Official Xbox Games Showcase – I Talk Nonsense Over The Whole Thing (OMGH)

Microsoft had another Showcase this week, presenting a bunch of next-gen Xbox Series X games, including some “exclusive” launch titles. Join me as I watch and talk about the whole event.

Not a ton of gameplay, but there’s a bit load of Halo: Infinite. There’s also Fable, Everwild, Psychonauts 2, and State of Decay 3. And… a shooter game!

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  1. the new psychonauts looks neat, really like the art direction in it . . . ummm thats about all i got out of the hour

  2. I wish they showed more trailers, all that gameplay is just too much!!

  3. An hour of Jim talking is just what I need on a Friday.

  4. 10/10, that’s some high quality nonsense right there.

  5. Has Peter Molyneux slagged off the last Fable yet and claimed that this Fable will be the best game ever?

  6. Someone should animate Jim’s explanation of Halo and theme song “singing”

  7. Games? In this console generation? At this time of year? Localized in a single company?!
    May we see gameplay?

  8. “Unknown Throats: Glory Hole Simulator”.

    Oh Jim. Never change…

  9. I want a Jim Sterling mix of him singing the halo theme

  10. “They’re showing a lot of gameplay, which should be a good sign for the rest of the showcase.”


  11. I wonder how many artists had to get sent to the hospital in order to get that eyebrow animation in the Halo trailer

  12. When arkham asylum had the scare crow bit where player was meant to feel like the console needed to troubleshoot my 1st thought was oh great Warner Brothers released another buggy game that needs oh never mind they just tried to break the 4th wall.

  13. End elitism.
    Capitalists: Lets put Sesame Street on HBO.

  14. The Brutes look like perfect dark zero era graphics. Lort. Can’t wait to fight frog bois

  15. Joker Productions

    I could listen to Jim critique Halo all day.

  16. Jim: “Alright you slavering dogs,”
    Me: “You have my attention.”

  17. Flunderingchipper

    “So what’s the word on Psychonauts 2?”
    “The blanket went over part of Jim’s face.”

  18. Alexandre Desbiens-Brassard

    I’ll admit, listening to Jim goofing off over random game footage is great relaxing background noise. Thank you Jim.

  19. “Get these pink crystals off me face. This is not ideal for me.” We need Jim to write dialogue for games.

  20. As someone who still enjoys Halo, I lost it at, “It’s called the halo pig.” I’ll never understand people who can’t take fun jabs at things they like. It’s a joke. It’s supposed to be funny.

    I take it back. We need more Jim cover music 10/10.

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