Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: Launch Status

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Get the latest on our top priorities for issues to iron out in the days following launch. Studio Head Craig Duncan and Sea of Thieves Executive Joe Neate are here to fill you in on what we know. Visit the official game site at

Xbox Live Gold required to play on Xbox One (sold separately).


  1. Add skeleton boats

  2. Can you make a dingy? Nothing fancy but just a small boat so you don’t have to risk hitting things when you are going to an outpost or to escape when your boat is being raided. You should make it a purchasable item and make it act like the anchor where the more people that help the faster you will go

  3. To those of you or upset at rare look at this video look at what they are saying to us they’re not like EA being a bunch of assholes they are literally trying to fix everything they can and they make the best game they can so stop treating them like EA and start treating them like rare people who actually give a damn about gaming

  4. This has been my favorite game to stream so far because of how it constantly creates these random encounters and issues that lead to some of the funniest moments I’ve had in video games. I definitely appreciate what you all have done. Also at the end of the day if one of the biggest problems are the servers are super full that’s not the worst thing….as long as I still get in lol JK

  5. I know there’s a lot going on so this isn’t at the top of your list but will there ever be DLC of any kind for this game? New section to the map, raid like mission or bigger crew mission, and more cosmetic items maybe.

  6. This is why we can’t complain. I have never seen devs this dedicated to their audience before. Thank you very much Rare 🙂

  7. Man Rare is best studio ever man. At least they’re trying and talking to the community unlike most companies! I have mad respect for you guys!

  8. I had alot of fun already . Its so cool and new and refreshing ?

  9. Remember: the game isn’t about cosmetics and grinding for cosmetics it’s playing with people

  10. A lot of games struggle on lack of communication to the community and it’s glad to see you guys so passionate at a truly amazing game!

  11. I want to stop and tell Rare developers and friends, that I appreciate the hard work. I’m impressed that you are able to sustain lunch so well.

  12. RoadMap
    If you really want people to continue to back your game you need to give us a roadmap.
    From what I have seen everyone’s biggest concern is content that has actually played the game.
    Content and progression.
    I am afraid if you keep people in the dark your just losing interest in the game.

  13. Who are the 156 Idiots Downvoting this??? Your downvoting dev actually standing Up within Hours of a problem and explaining why and what is going on? You should ALL want more of this from ALL Devs from now on THIS IS HOW ITS DONE!

  14. Thank you for being genuine grateful and openness with the community. Keep this up!!

  15. Can’t believe all this negativity. They had 1 million unique connects over a 48 hour period. If everyone paid $50, that’s only $50 million in revenue. And a number of users are on GamePass, so it’s less than $50 million. There are so many other crappy companies that have higher sales numbers but way worse customer service and customer satisfaction. Give these guys a break.

  16. I pre ordered the game and I did not get The black dog pack

  17. Its a little bit overpriced guys but it is a heck of a game amazing!

  18. I can’t wait to see what you devs and Sea of Thieves holds for the future! ?

  19. RYZOFT - Roblox & More!

    Rare is back <3

  20. I’m on board with you guys! I love these videos! wish bungie worked like your guys. keep up the work! I’m all in!

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