Official LawBreakers Announce Trailer

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The Shattering changed everything — forever. Witness the worldwide premiere trailer of LawBreakers, the highly-anticipated debut FPS from Cliff Bleszinski & Boss Key Productions.




  1. +jkflipflop98 Haha! 😀 Well CGI trailers are the same. Gameplay is going to
    be the big thing here.

  2. +Rekettyelovag

  3. +33booyaka33 No, Brink was a game developed by Splash Damage. And it was
    about law enforcers and rebels fighting against each other at a post
    apocalyptic sci-fi, future environment.

  4. +Fr4nk0 Gameplay on Friday.

  5. I dunno. This trailer created more questions than answers in regards to the
    world in which the game takes place. The gravity bit for example. wtf guys.

    • +GamingTaylor I imagine it’ll be a linear FPS of one faction vs another.
      The actual premise, I believe, is fighting an advanced cartel army in a
      warzone, not as a cop, but a soldier. Very Call of Duty like, I’m afraid,
      and the “gravity” abilities will probably be similar to that recent Call of
      Duty game.

    • +Cyrribrae But the problem is that it looks like its going for a somewhat
      realistic futuristic approach and they are talking about gravity as if it
      is a magical spell or something.

  6. The Angry Pacifist

    too scared to show gameplay and graphics?

    • +The Angry Pacifist its only to make tension and wondering

    • +lambusado Can’t THEY fucking wait on having actual footage before teasing ?

      Jesus, every god damn dude rush its advertisement. It’s like that early
      access thing. Make this shit stop.

  7. This is a stupid premise. Even if you cracked open the moon (not possible),
    it wouldn’t fly apart like that. The gravity of those huge chunks of rock
    would hold itself together. Gravity doesn’t change and turn into magic just
    because your companion celestial body dies. Finally, all the outlaw
    criminal cartels of the world have managed to get together a
    megapower-level military and no one noticed until they started launching
    attacks? We know when the koreans pick their noses and they’re ultra

  8. +MD Compare it to Lawbreakers and yes, they are not that different.
    Here they break he laws.
    In GTA you stole cars.

  9. +Fireballun I didn’t say it was bad.

  10. +dr34dh34d So what was wrong with it? (I didn’t play it)

  11. +MyGameplaying It’s an announce trailer not a gameplay trailer.

  12. +TheJedio I’m also guessing that you don’t know that they also do live
    streams Most if not every week on friday on twitch. Bosskey productions
    twicth and youtube

  13. +MyGameplaying to be fair it’s an announcement trailer and not a game
    trailer 😀

  14. The Sexual Tyrannosaurus

    Its a story trailer, God damn. Y’all’s a bunch of whiny, Cynical bitches.

    • I’m going to immitate the narrator.

      “uuuh, old world…uhhh..humanity…uh whatever”

      “is it 5 o”clock yet? I want to go home, watch porn and eat my doritos”

  15. they’re calling the game “lawbreakers?” Is this a joke? sounds like
    something a very bright third grader would come up with. I think this game
    has a lot of potential, generic story, half assed writing and all, but
    they’re shooting themselves in the foot with such a lame title.

  16. Battlefield Hardline.. In the future! Was expecting something more, I don’t
    know, exciting than SciFi cops and robbers. And the name, ugh, come on, you
    can do better than that. 

  17. I’m excited for anything sci-fi mixed with drug cartels and criminals;
    reminds me of Crackdown!

  18. LawBreakers is not bad.
    There are many bad names for games that are great.

    But I wished they kept the name BlueStreak

  19. edmont culhachier

    i can feel the shit behind my screen .

  20. Sci -Fi Cliche – the video game! BAAAWM!!!

  21. Literally. every. thing. has. that. stupid. foghorn. sound. effect. enough.

  22. Announcement music sounds like final Masquerade by Linkin Park.

  23. Looks cool but you couldn’t have the guy blow his nose before recording

  24. leave PC gaming alone you fucktards and shove your shitty P2W game
    somewhere else because you know cliffy, we are all pirates.

  25. Lysergic acid diethylamide


  26. I cannot take this narrator seriously….somebody get Troy Baker on the

  27. CliffyB please make map for Unreal Tournament!!

  28. My god these graphics look soo good

  29. Scott Lee Clayton

    +Syed Abdul Wasay Or the Judge Dredd.

  30. Михаил Марченко

    Another F2P trash, no ty.

  31. Before the trailer starts: I hope that it’s good.

    After the trailer finished:
    Story sounds really cheesy to saw the least. It’s suppose to be an arena
    shooter so I’m not expecting mindblowing storytelling.
    I would have wished for Cliffy B. and his new team to design something
    more…substantial, though.
    Hope to see more stuff on Friday.

    Why is the one guy in the middle activating his helmet thing and the others
    Why choose a voice over guy which is not capable of delivering something
    other than ‘look at this! it’s shiny, pretends to be gritty and tries to
    have a story”? The voice over was terrible!
    Why is that presented like a lower budget TV series? Is that on purpose?

    Honestly I’d wish for them to get back to the drawing board and rethink
    this. Harsh, I know. But sometimes the harsh truth must be said.

    Edit: Just saw that this is suppose to be f2p. It’s gonna be really hard to
    convince me now.

  32. Владимир Владиморович


  33. Максим Никифоров

    Very cool

  34. So it’s like BF Hardline with some kind of gravity perk?
    I really have no idea what that part about gravity was about.
    Weird non exciting trailer.

  35. shit cg

  36. TheBooce OfBungles

    I swear he just said and then came the gays.

  37. the shit always hits the fan when the gangs and cartels show up

  38. พี่ออย

  39. This is gonna be good ! Can’t wait for the Gameplay trailer ! :)

  40. So, another space marine shooter?

  41. SevenFluffyKittens

    +Adam Dork Yup. I really hope it isn’t because I’m sick of hearing that
    story ALL THE TIME and really hope it isn’t going to be like that but…
    you know..

  42. Brogamers check this out…Lawbreakers…brah!

  43. Who gives a fuck about the name of the game jesus. I just want to see the
    actual gameplay footage which is coming out Friday. The introduction of the
    game was awesome tho! :D

  44. Never a good sign when they lead with a non-gameplay trailer. I’ll pass on
    this game.

    • +StarMoses A CD Projeckt Red gets a little leeway. They had 2 Stellar
      Witcher games under their belt. However, if they drop a new IP, they better
      not come with that nonsense.

  45. You better have Judas Priest’s Breaking the Law in the game.

  46. To all the people bitching about “no gameplay” go and look up the term

    I swear the internet gets dumber by the day.

  47. ChemicalExperiment

    So…is it a movie? A game? A show? Seriously, without checking in the
    comments I had no idea.

  48. Judge Dredd is so nineties…
    Ahah sorry 😛 waitin’

  49. So because of the developers half-assed research of gravity, supplements
    made drug dealers able to shoot rockets and transport drugs to America…

  50. wow. not only do the characters look stupid as fuck but from what ive herd
    them say about the game it sounds like its just going to be a arena type
    game with gravity……… I’m already board with this game….

  51. I can’t take the voice actor and the writing seriously in this
    trailer…theings weerr goood…yeah broooo…

  52. Made by CliffyB you say? I’m outa here LOL

  53. Gay than a mother fucker lol

  54. Sounds like a crackdown ripoff

  55. Oh yes Cliff, this was a SUCH a better idea compared to a Jazz Jackrabbit 3
    revival. ¬__¬

  56. Looks like crap

  57. is it just me or did that intro remind anyone of pacific rim XD

  58. This looks very interesting. time will tell.

  59. seriously guys?
    that dudes voice
    no gameplay

  60. i’m sorry – the cartels of the world united? Cliff, buddy, ease off the
    cartels product for a second. that’d never happen. ever.

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