Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Season Two Trailer

The War Rages On.

✅ More Weapons
✅ More Maps
✅ More Modes
✅ More Gunfight
✅ More Ground War

The fight continues in Season Two of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, free on all platforms on February 11.


  1. ‘1v1 me on Rust.’ I can finally say those sacred words for Modern Warfare

  2. “Where all the problems were solved” -rust

  3. Looking forward to the playlist: “Shoot the Rusty Ship”

  4. A minute worth of intense action.

    The only thing I care about


  5. 1,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

    ‘1v1 me on Rust.’ I can finally say those sacred words for Modern Warfare

  6. So we have rust now I hope next season we get terminal

  7. Rust: *comes back*

    Every MW veteran: *”its show time”*

  8. Modern warfare: rust is back
    Me: Vietnam flashback intensifies

  9. Subscribe tu me With no reason

    When you look forward to the playlist
    ,, shoot the Rusty ship

  10. Rust is like playing in Tony hawk 1 warehouse, with my eyes close I know the map.

  11. Fallout 76 ads: we have made the game 5% better

    COD MW ads: we’ve made the game 100x better

  12. “There he is, Simon Riley.”

  13. The tower in Rust was legendary

  14. Me:mom can we have ghost?
    Mom:we have ghost at home
    Ghost at home:

  15. “Free same day on all platforms”


  16. Everyone saying ghost back bruh that’s the dollar store version of ghost??

  17. Ghost looked cooler in mw2 when he had shades on.

  18. Me: “All the maps in this game are the same as the original modern warfare”

    Also Me: “ooo Rust!”

  19. *Modern Warfare updates

    PS4 with 500gb: The biggest sacrifice requires the strongest will…

  20. “New ways to play”

    Campers: No, I don’t think I will

    • Dark Vadertrauebrein

      Everybody camp sometimes, EVE RY BO DY, incuding you and you know it, so shut up ! I remember few days ago I watched a video of a guy whinning about campers and you know he was doing during the video of his gameplay ? Most of the time he was hiding in a container…People who complaint about campers are the same who camp the most ! They just don’t want other people do as they do ! Exactly the same with sniping and claymore, everydy say it’s not “warrior style” to play this way…byt EVERYBODY snipe, everybody put claymores, mines …

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