Official Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® – Launch Gameplay Trailer


Experience the global phenomenon of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®.


  1. When he says “preorder call of duty modern warfare” it sounds like he’s constipated

  2. Imagine knifing a watermelon in these graphics

  3. “Modern Warfare will be the best game!”
    Activision: Nope

  4. “Every comment on here”

    Has quotation marks..

  5. “Remember, switching your pistol is faster than reloading”
    – Gaz, And SGT. Foley.

  6. “I got a new game babe, I’ve got a few people coming over to play”

    “Who’s coming?”

    “Some old comrades.”

  7. “Gameplay trailer” *shows cutscenes

    • @Knightmare007 Modern Warfare is developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Treyarch did not develop this game. The person you replied to was also alluding to Activision’s practices by comparing them to EA, a company known to be very greedy and pretty corrupt. In this case, showing “Gameplay” which is actually scripted cutscenes and using a flying camera to appear more cinematic than will actually be presented in the game.
      Hope that cleared up what the original person said.

    • @Knightmare007 Treyarch isn’t working on this

    • Well this is gameplay… I know what you mean tho, you want them to show like HUD and FirstPerson gunfights and stuff.. I feel you.. but ye this is in game cutscene and stuff that happens in game.

  8. when spec ops is ps4 exclusive

    IW: “whats the plan”
    Activision: “shock and awe”

  9. Me: *Turns on Incognito mode*
    “Going Dark”

  10. effspot drop the mixtape ????

    “Always pull out unless you want trouble”

    Price 2019

  11. 15 yr old me when mom leaves home :

  12. “Remember, buying a weapon is faster than reloading”

  13. Hat : *flies off Price’s head”
    Me : NOOO!!! That’s NOT CANON!!!

  14. “Going Dark”
    Activision: ok
    everyone: no wait no no…
    Activision: Dark matter in supply drop

  15. Sgt. Price: The ‘Rules of engagement’ have changed.
    Activision: ‘Rules of engagement’ exclusive to PS4 for one year only.

  16. “Friendly Fire will not be Tolerated”
    -Call Of Duty

  17. “Ramirez!”
    – Sgt Foley

  18. Mr. HandsomeCoffeeCup

    2009: “Tactical Nuke! Incoming!”

    2019: “Tactical supply Drops!Incoming! Would you like to pay through pay pal or debit card?!!”

  19. “MENENDEZ!!!!”

    Oh wait wrong series.

    “Cost of an AC130 Jet: 138 million”

  20. he who has no name

    IW: Modern Warfare gameplay trailer

    Gameplay: “going dark”

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