Obunga works the night shift

Today I decided to go to the local store to buy some items, I never expected Obunga to be working there…

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  1. Please tell me what you thought about this whole video? And would you like to see more?? Because Obunga is still hunting me!

  2. I was told to make a essay on the most funniest person in the world today in college might as well write about you delirious lol

  3. “Run like a butterfly sting like a Bee running fast as hell you’ll never catch Me” Oooooo W H20 delerious bars

  4. ….I like watching the videos but seriously. Why does this give me the small youtuber in 2015 vibes… also this is me before watching the video
    Edit: that was terrifing i can spell just not now i just woke up

  5. Havent seen an hhgreg store in forever lol

  6. The devotion in making these videos everyday, especially the second channel , really grateful 🙏🙂

  7. Pls play Granny horror game by DEvelopet

  8. Developer

  9. Joris | The french HHG player

    No more nextbot with the others ?

  10. Hey delirious Have you play call of duty Mobile

  11. I Hope H2ODelirious Will Heart My Comment!💙😩🙏

  12. Hay delirious I have Instagram telegram don’t work for me

  13. Is Delirious gonna play these Obunga maps with another person? Or do these maps only work with one person?

  14. You or the group should mess with Next bots man. Try out the Richard Boderman next bot

  15. everytime delirious near the nextbot my soul away inches away from me

  16. some guy who loves fighting games

    Yo, it’s been a long time since i checked this channel , i’m happy to see that you’ve reached such high levels , keep the great work , and btw how’s ur daughterson i don’t remember correctly.
    Anyways have a great and amazing life and day , i hope this won’t be the last time i check ur channel.

  17. Wtf is this 9 y/o thumbnail and title bullshit.

  18. Obunga infection has got delirious now

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