OBJECTION HEARSAY! GMOD DR (johnny depp vs amber heard)

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​Friends in the video:

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  1. shavic the hedgehog

    I feel really bad for terroriser right now that bottle dosen’t stop bullying him that bottle needs a patch

  2. It should have been 3 jars of dirt

  3. damn that bottle had it out for terrorizer

  4. All I’m saying is

    If I got assaulted by a broken bottle and was bleeding from my penis….a hospital is literally my top priority with the cops probably second

  5. Why was your death screen like that, with the haze, grayscale & Mr. Bean text in the middle?

  6. Anyone notice that the music is louder than the actual audio?

  7. The absurd amount of bots in this comment section is making it impossible to even check comments

  8. Alester Wick the Last Consumer


  9. The thumbnail inspired me to draw, I’m gonna draw amber turd yelling ” OBJECTION HEARSAY ” at jack sparrow with him holding a mega pint and turds around her 🤣 this is gonna be fun.

  10. My dog stepped on a bee 😂

  11. 11:05 Just like Spud from American Dragon: Jake Long 🧅😤🧅

  12. I just now realized from walking on his videos keeping using the Conker Bad Fur Day soundtrack

  13. You mean AMBER TURD

  14. Is this something that recently happened or something?

  15. Delirious, can you play Ravenous Devils? I’d love to watch 😍😍

  16. Delirious Where your lives counter.

  17. Danilo Alves Santana

    Dont forget the alpaca day

  18. I was scrolling through the comments and it appears delirious has a no.1 fan by the name of F*U*C and so on. They have commented so many times.

  19. Kurayami Angel of Death

    What does the bottle have against Terroriser?

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