Nothing Says DRAMA Like Dynasty Warriors 3

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It’s important that everyone remembers how 3 defined “epic” in the truest sense of the word. It doesn’t get better than this.

I once put together a compilation of from , but as amusing as it was, I never liked how it turned out. Plus Destructoid has it, and I’m not there anymore.

So it is that I’ve produced another compilation, now with more clips and silliness from a that inspired more than you’ll know.


  1. I love how Jim gives limelight to Dynasty Warriors such a fun series that gets overlooked by so many.

  2. You flaming idiots dont flame wars on youtube channel, feel the power of my magic

  3. I like when we have fun.

  4. Ian Patrick McHugh

    If Youtube has to put ads on here, it feels somewhat appropriate that it would be for a Saw film. But, as Jim’ll tell ya, they don’t have to put ads on here.

  5. Oh my God I remember this.

  6. The french dubbing (at least as i can remember it) was more awful ^_^ but enjoyable

  7. This will forever be my favourite Dynasty Warriors game.

  8. “A dike!?””
    “Oh No!”

    That line got me Jim, you deserve a star for that.

  9. The so bad it’s good of video games. I wanna play it, 4 and 5 again…

  10. The reason why subs are better then dubs most of the time…

  11. This is one of my favorite games of all time. I still play it and think about it frequently.

  12. All the classics are here

  13. Do Tenchu: Stealth Assassins next. That game had some very good ones.

  14. – The Shu force has… definitely camped!
    – So, was the enemy camp… camp?

    I liked Zhang He way more in the olden days when he was just full-ham fabulous.

  15. My first Dynasty Warriors was 4. Now I feel like I really missed out.

  16. That was, well ehm… horrible… thanks Jim!

  17. This is one remastered I’d gladly dole money for

  18. I’m waiting for a Dynasty Warriors game based on Kung Pow Enter the Fist.

  19. I miss how the dialogues of certain cutscenes varied depending on who you play as.

    “I am my own opponent? This will be difficult!” Said Guan Yu at Fan Castle, preparing to fight Guan Yu. Gems like that are so rare these days.

    Speaking of different cutscenes, 3, 4, and 5 have Opening Edits. You can make your own video using any characters from the game. Too bad TK dropped it after 5. The tunes used in those three games’ opening edits were badass, as are the sequences.

    Hope DW9 bring those kind of fun back.

  20. So much Nostalgia, I knew it was bad even back then, but now… GEEZ…

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