NOT THE TENTACLES!! | The Callisto Protocol – Part 2

Turns out the monsters from Callisto Protocol want to be me too…

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  1. Is he not gonna continue playing bendy????

  2. “I relish in the art of combat” but not in the art of direction lol

  3. Mark, did you forget about Bendy and the Dark Revival? I’m waiting 🙁

  4. The Mark soup delivery service is back!

  5. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love your videos

  6. I’m fukcign dying because I’m shouting at Mark to SELL THE ENERGY CONVERTERS THEY LITERALLY TELL YOU TO SELL THEM

  7. STILL 1080p60 oh my xD

  8. Please play high on life its so funny 🙁🙏🙏

  9. …my stomach had just rumbled and I felt like I just got caught 😂 0:53


  11. Why did you NEVER FINISH Amneisa Rebirth?????

  12. That weapon system that’s just a tray of barrels that fire at once, I believe is called the Metal Storm. Project from the late 80s I think.

  13. Anyone else screaming at Mark to stomp on the enemies?

  14. You can sell stuff like the energy converter

  15. Petition for Mark to do another Oxygen Not Included series.

  16. You should try using the glove thing to grab an enemy then throw them into the big fans see if that works

  17. 35:59 stop the cap 🧢

  18. Mark selling his ammo instead of the thing that its only purpose is to be sold hurts me

  19. Alright it’s been 20 videos since the FNAF glitched attraction part 1 video. MARK PLEASE MAKE PART 2!!!!

  20. I like how Mark continously tells us he’s gamer of the year. @LixianTV deserves to be editor of the year by proxy.

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