NORTHERN LIGHTS – Screenshots From Supernatural Can’t Be Your Whole Game

You canR;t really do this.


  1. Oh hey I’m early

    All I know about Supernatural is “assbutt”

  2. This is gonna be good…

  3. I mean Jensen Eckles is pretty hot, I’d buy it.

  4. Well at least the dev have a cutom header.

  5. Author must not be very good at writing since his characters seem to be
    reliant on this Supernatural appearance.Unless he wants the actor to play
    the part…

  6. It could have been worse; They could have taken screenshots from actual
    Northern Lights.

  7. Well. I bet Jensen Ackles is quite excited to play the lead in a videogame.
    For free. Without his consent.
    That the pictures additionally are taken out of an already existing IP
    makes this whole thing even more ridiculous.


  9. So this is what that rogue robot went on to do when he couldn’t become a
    ocean robot.

  10. I’m seeing it. Still not fucking believing it. Damn, they can’t have an
    entire game out of screenshots! Can they?

  11. I got my comment shown on a BoSGT video! My life is complete now.

  12. So… it’s a game that has more than a little effort put into it, though
    its visuals are more than a little unoriginal.
    Whelp, that’s a first. (I think.)

  13. I wish Youtube and Valve would switch their attitudes.

  14. Well, it looks like Supernatural really does have a screen shot for every
    single situation.

  15. This dev WOULD have a Deviantart.

  16. Reminds me of aPoint & Click game from a few years ago, that got shut down
    because all of the in game graphics were actually screenshots from
    Oblivion, Painkiller and other assorted games. “Limbo of the Lost”
    (actually had to google for it)

  17. Can I apologize on behalf of the visual novel community for this? Games
    like these get produced all the time, and while they’re encouraged, they’re
    not meant to leave the community. They’re supposed to be “baby’s first
    steps” training-wheels projects. They give you a chance to learn the
    writing and writing-related coding parts of VN production without worrying
    about graphic design and graphics-related coding. You share it with friends
    and go, “See, cool!” then move on to better projects. And a few projects
    down the road, you should have learned enough to start doing commercial
    work, if that’s your intention.

    Putting something like this on Greenlight is super… like, taboo. It’s
    awkward to see — and reminds me that I should go bump some threads on the
    development forums related to it. v_v’

  18. New Steam Greenlight comment:

    “Shouldn’t this be on PowerPoint?”

  19. Wow Jim, this might be your most constructive criticism yet.

  20. Alistair Page-McGill

    The text in the screenshot at 7.40 ends in the middle of a sentence. I
    think the story might be more of an issue for this dev than he realises

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