No, You’re NOT A Gamer! (Commentocracy)

Animal Crossing? Not a real game. Pokémon? Not a real game. Anything that doesn’t use a PS4 controller? Can it be called anything close to a game?

Duke Amiel H’ardcore is back to share a classic in gamer gatekeeping, as we learn how many hours a REAL gamer puts into their playtime. After all, if it’s not a job, it’s not a game!


  1. Ok, the Dear All Women got me. That’s so stupidly hilarious.

  2. “Mario is not a real game.”

    The hell kind of gatekeeping is this?

  3. “Pick up a PS4 controller and then we can be friends.”
    And why would I want to be friends with someone who makes a comment like that?

  4. Look – nature is healing itself… The Dukes are returning to the Jim Sterling’s uploads…!

  5. “Most of us could easily put over 300+ hours in all our games”
    Whoever said that clearly only plays open-world Ubisoft games.

  6. “Some of us put 300+ hours into our games”

    Well, yeah. It’s easy to do that when you’re a child who doesn’t have a job or any other real-world obligations.

  7. “Mario is not a real game.”

    The franchise that revolutionized gaming and basically kickstarted home console video game franchises… is not a real game…

    Boy, that’s a real headscratcher.

    Also, $10 says whoever claims Pokémon is not a real game would never make it through a single match against VGC players. 😂

  8. I live for the duke 😭

  9. Dihya Never Forget

    imagine making your whole personality around consuming product and being proud of it…. holly shit, that’s sad

  10. All these folks sure used a lot of characters to say, “I am single, miserable, and tryna hide it.”

  11. “Most of us can easily put in 300+ hours in a game…”

    Oh dear says I, the man who started playing the witcher 3 when his daughter was one and has only recently finished it after her 6th birthday.

  12. “I see people who only got a Nintendo swicth and claim to be gamer” oh, it’s gonna be one of those PC masterrace rant.
    “Come talk to me when you pick up a ps4 controller” oh shit the irony!

    “Also dear all women” ahh, now I know I’m talking to an actual real gamer indeed!

  13. These “true gamers” who decree that most of these popular games are not in fact “real games” have probably only ever played fortnite and a few call of duty games before suddenly getting a big head for no reason and declaring that all other games that don’t fit into the mold of being a shooty shooty bang bang hyper popular because of stupid memes game must in fact, not be a real game.

    They are the worst part of the gaming community. And why I often leave the detail of enjoying video games out when speaking to other humans.

  14. This dude: “dear aLL wOmEn: Animal Crossing isn’t a real game”
    Also this dude, probably: *has only ever played Call of Duty*

  15. “mario is not a real game”

    Mario revived the gaming industry. Without Mario, we probably wouldn’t have what we do today.

  16. Funny Valentine Did Nothing Wrong

    “Stardew Valley is not a real game.” Someone’s mad they don’t have a QT rock-munching goth gf.

  17. A lot of sentences trying to assert one thing: “I am better than you.”
    Why do they say it? To sooth their lack of self-esteem. There’s a crying person locked away inside them.

  18. “Mario is not a real game!”
    *sonic level in the background*
    🤣 those nintendo claims not worth it.

  19. AdvocatusDiaboliFin

    “Pokemon is not a real game!”

    Those are fighting words, sir! Fighting words!

  20. “Mario is not a real game.”

    Sorry, I have to punch you in the face now…

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