No Man’s Sky BEYOND Launch Trailer

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More Info:
Our biggest update yet. No Man’s Sky BEYOND arrives on August 14.

Featuring enhanced multiplayer, fully playable in virtual reality, and much, much more.


  1. THIS is how you do a comeback.

    Now let me ride my tauntaun.

  2. Now I can live all my space fantasies and this completely in VR! Thank you Hello Games! You put more effort in your game than Roberts and Braben together!

  3. expansive multiplayer and vr is nice but



  4. Well….I know 1 person who just took the 14th AND 15th off from work and gon shine up his psvr ?

  5. Unlike other companies, these guys are actually improving what people once criticized so much. These guys are the ones certain companies should put their eyes on. Just saying. Congratulations hello games. This is going to be sick, I’m certain!

  6. Bethesda: Hero –> Villain

    HelloGamesTube: Villain –> Hero

    HelloGamesTube officially became my favorite company.

  7. Man I just can’t thank you enough for making such an awesome game…. And the continuing support and updates freaking love you people. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIIIIIIISSSSS!!!

  8. The soundtrack to NMS will never get old. Gives you some proper feels!

  9. I really, really hope that the space stations have gotten an upgrade. And perhaps the Freighters as well, would love to see more of the space inside the freighters

  10. 0:26 They did it. We now officially have an alien with a beard.

  11. Anyone for a crab jousting tournament.

  12. Gotta give hello games credit..they pulled this game from the ashes.

    It’s a master class in fixing your mistakes as a dev

  13. Hello Games be like ”You either die a villain or you live long enough to become a hero”

  14. I said when it 1st launched “this would be amazing in VR” now it’s almost here.

  15. Damn, I’m actually impressed by how much they’ve managed to turn this around.

  16. Yogananda Silveira

    MMO Features: Meh
    VR: Too expensive
    Ride Animals: YAY Finally o/

  17. I haven’t played this game much in the past year and can’t wait to start again, maybe even buy a psvr.

  18. This game made a bigger comeback than the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers.

  19. played the game when it first came out then stopped playing, picked it up again this week and its a millions times better im loving it.

  20. Thank you Hello Games and Sean Murray for the effort.

    Ps: Id love to see solar eclipses, tornados, volcanos erupting and comets falling. Natural disasters would be perfect in a future update.

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