Nintendo Wants Up To 30 Indie Games On Switch A Week

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  1. Love your videos man.

  2. Looks like it’s time to buy another 10 TB SD card for the Switch again

  3. Asset flips on portable mode, think about it.

  4. Oh no…. I bought a switch so I could find GOOD indie titles, not get buried in more shit. At least Steam allows you to find things, somewhat.

  5. Growing up, there was one commercial jingle that always stuck in my mind. “Less is more, less is more. Charmin Ultra *Less is More*” When will people learn quality over quantity?

  6. Finally, Digital Homicide on the go!

  7. And the cherry on top of this shity ice cream there’s no refunds

  8. God damn it Nintendo, don’t do this.

  9. At this rate Jim is going to need an Ambassador of s*** award for PS4 and Nintendo.

  10. Cocaine_is_a_ hell_of_drug

    It was Nintendos seal of aprovel that helped keep garbage games away from the NES. People have forgotten one of the reasons why the game crash happened.

    The market was flooded with garbage games… Just like steam

  11. Honestly is it really that hard just to have someone look at the games before they are approved, just to make sure that they are either functional or not complete shit.

  12. This is WAY too many. Especially with the way their storefront is laid out.

    Lots of indie games makes me happy. But too many and I’ll miss the good stuff.

  13. Well I’m sure Nintendo will be willing to invest in the logistical efforts needed to curate an average of 1300 games a year. I see no reason to be alarmed, game publishers usually get out on front of these things, they don’t just open a Pandora’s box inciting an avalanche of consumer dissatisfaction and potential regulation by governments. If publishers have taught me anything it’s to trust their judgement. Now if you’ll excuse me my toaster needs a bath.

  14. にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien

    When will they port the best game of all time Ride to Hell: Retribution to switch!?

  15. 30 games a week, Nintendo? Slow down, mates…

  16. Like 30 a month, might be ok. 30 a week? Nah son, this will be Steam 2: Electric Boogaloo.

  17. Hey, can anyone tell me which YouTubers have been burned out by this new business strategy? I don’t know what Jim was referring to. Thanks for the help.

  18. Go home Nintendo, you`re drunk. 20-30 Nindie games per week?! Do they even know why Indie games do well in the first place on Switch?!

  19. Nintendo… why?

  20. Steamification minus the easy refund policy and not enough readily available demos.

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