Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase Spring 2018

Check out the latest video, featuring more than a dozen independent games coming to Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch system in 2018!

Got a favorite from the Nindies Showcase? Well, click to it!
0:14 – Damon Baker Introduction
0:55 – : Remastered
1:37 – Kirk Scott Introduction
2:00 – Fantasy Strike
2:39 – Just Shapes & Beats
3:11 – Garage
3:47 – Pool Panic
4:25 –
5:35 – : and
6:11 – Light Fall
7:53 – West of Loathing
8:31 –
9:10 – The Messenger
9:51 –
10:22 – The Banner Saga 3
11:06 – Nindies Sign Off

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  1. I’m definitely interested in Reigns, Pool Panic, Pode, and MAYBE Bomb Chicken.

  2. lumines remaster? That was my game back on psp.

    I’m glad to see it finally getting a remaster

  3. Funny how people wanna blame Nintendo for getting THEIR personal expectations up. Smh.

  4. In all honesty, I’m not very interested in the games they just showed. I really hope I’m wrong and that some of these games are good.

  5. smh where were my favorite indie games like smash 5 and fortnite

  6. I was hoping to see a release date for Undertale… I know it’ll be coming… eventually…

  7. No hollow knight ?

  8. Annoying Bokoblin

    Wow, this was extremely short, tbh, there was no point streaming it, they may as well have just uploaded each as a separate trailer to the channel.

  9. It was kinda disappointing to see a big chunk of a 45 min stream be reduced to just waiting time and only 11 mins of content. I mean, I have nothing against the games but I thought there would be a real “OMG I want that in my hands” kind of game.

  10. All I see is people complaining about others who are salty about no Smash, not actual comments from people who are salty about no smash. Like it should be common sense that no one expected that in this right?

  11. To anyone that was expecting smash to be in this direct, just stop.

  12. Furryies are disgusting

    I want skullgirls on switch

  13. Fantasy Strike looks awesome

  14. Terraria plz

  15. Bomb chicken actually looks kinda fun, like a bomberman game but as a platformer. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for it.

  16. The fact Nintendo even dedicated a video/showcase to games like this is why I love Nintendo. They could of just let the games release to eshop and no-one would of moaned. But the extra effort to give that extra promo for games that might otherwise go un-noticed is hella appreciated by me.

  17. I would’ve loved to see Don’t Starve on the Switch. I’ve been interested in trying that game out for a while now

  18. Y’all smash fans are so stupid!

  19. I know you get a lot of requests but we kinda need Skullgirls.

  20. >Nintendo announces indie only direct
    >Only indies are shown
    Wtf nintendo where my SMA5H

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