Nintendo President & CEO Satoru Iwata Passes Away – The Know

Today we’re sad to report that & has . Rather than mourn his loss, we’d like to celebrate his life and . Please join us in paying respects to a man that has contributed immeasurably to gaming.

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Written By: Lawrence Sonntag
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  1. +WoWiee1994 …….

  2. Let’s calm down with the lesser thing, the man opened up a gateway to a
    whole new vision of gaming, he will be missed dearly.

  3. +cryofdoom666 how does saying that make him a cunt? its saying that he
    isn’t forgotten, that’s a good thing.

  4. Wow sir you are a Cunt.

  5. +Mathew Nagy wtf

  6. TheZeldaBigMacintosh

    +TheKroganMaster Don’t worry. Miyamoto is a shoo-in, he and Iwata were
    great friends, and I know that Miyamoto would never do anything to ruin the
    company his friend built up.

  7. +TheKroganMaster reggie maybe

  8. This needed a more professional set of people to deliver it like Meg and

  9. Iwata isn’t dead – he never said goodbye. If you don’t say goodbye then
    your not really gone…you just aren’t here right now.

  10. +Donny Donowitz
    May aswell be

  11. +Assasin2 That photo made him look worse than he really did because it a
    little too bright which makes his skin look even paler, but it is still
    obvious that he looks worse than he did on the other photo. Poor guy… And
    he did everything for his fans until the very end :c

  12. +Total Looser​ It was an honest mistake man

  13. They mean all the letters of HAL come before IBM sequentially in the
    alphabet. Like, you say H before you get to I and so on 😛

  14. Cameron Rutledge

    +PC Nation I went to ign’s channel and didn’t see anyone say that, was it
    on a different channel?

  15. +Shadowsteps24 They say early in the video

  16. +Alari24
    Too soon, man.

  17. +Reven344 i’m sure the reason gold/silver isn’t set in kanto is the team
    knew replacing most pokemon from red/blue wouldn’t be enough.

  18. PressFartToContinue

    Thank you for being respectful about this subject.

    Today is a day of mourning

  19. +JaT Who?

  20. +CitanulsPumpkin Yeah… but Jobs and Wozniak laid down the foundation for
    everything and… I’m just getting really tired of all the Microsoft
    fanboys here attacking Apple.

    Apple isn’t bad… I’m so fucking tired of Microsoft fanboys.

    I’m cool with Sony, Nintendo, and Apple.

    I am not cool with Microsoft.

  21. Its sad that he died right after nintendo just had their worst E3 ever…

    • +Ekkie Ekk thier “presence” consisted of what could amount to a long
      youtube video. And how can u say it was even close to being 1 of the
      stongest when the only conference it beat out was EA. Thats 1 out of I
      think 5 total conferences. Math dont lie friend lol

  22. Professional Echo

    +Podrick Payne It’s on the rooster teeth store 😀

  23. From what I read, he’s survived by his wife. The article had no mention of

  24. GTA “GTAKid” Kid

    +Angry DutchMan It was purple. Everything else seemed fine.

  25. Nintendo sucks and the last time it was actually good and I mean good is
    the 80’s and early to mid 90’s last good console N64 last good game Mario
    N64 Nintendo hasn’t really competed with console gaming since then yeah
    everyone had a Wii but the Wii was meant for family games and you probably
    got it for Christmas without asking cause your parents wanted it the DS
    isn’t a console so you can count that out real gaming for Nintendo has been
    dead for years now and it’s been dead to me for a while Nintendo is the
    father of console games but is also the old grandpa who wants everything
    the way it was back in his day 

  26. +stockmarket101 It’s the Smash Bros. Great Medley from an album called
    Smashing Live. It’s a live recording of the New Japan Philharmonic
    Orchestra playing a concert of music from Smash Bros Melee. It was
    distributed in an issue of Nintendo Power back in the day. The whole thing
    is excellent.

  27. Some sort of orchestra Mario anthem. I’m sure you could find it.

  28. +Michael Bialas
    i was thinking of more like newton, enstine, pacasso, steve jobs. you know
    people that didnt cause massacers.

  29. +NoobiusEradicus They were founded in 1889 as a playing card company

  30. +Cheeki Breeki The tribute video will be very short, boring and feature
    just one franchise..

  31. I really hope an amazing man can replace this exceptionally awesome, most
    amazing, successful man. In my opinion, I feel like Shigeru Miyamoto should
    become the new president. I can never say “replace” Iwata. For me, I will
    always remember him as such an amazing man. You will be missed.

  32. what did he die of?
    i couldn’t reaaly understand what bruce said


  33. +Derrek Beeck it’s press. press has rule over copyright laws if it is to
    discuss say a trailer or a song you are allowed to do that

  34. +FrozenCabbage The Internet Theory (featuring Doomguy981 pretending to be
    MatPat and making a silly online parody of it. =3)

  35. +xTGE Please don’t compare this god to the scum that is Steve Jobs. Thank

  36. Satoru Iwata for Smash Bros.

    Here’s the Ballot if you’d like to cast his vote:

    • +DeathAngelTheSexy I meant both Roy the Koopaling, and Roy the DLC
      character from Fire Emblem. Maybe even beating him up at the same time.

  37. The sad thing is people don’t know how to reach their own conclusions. When
    the Wii U came out, it didn’t have many games. People heard that and just
    decided it’d be funny if everyone talked shit about it. Look at it now.
    It’s a great system, yet those people that were told it was bad a long time
    ago can’t develop thoughts of their own.

  38. Tony Bone (GIGGITY GOO)

    They Are they stood against a wall when Lawrence talks then but then they
    are in the middle of a building ?

  39. Couldn’t agree more.

  40. +Hugo Marques You might as well name it Miyamoto’s Funbox Express.

  41. Being a CEO of a company and actually working on the games your company
    creates shows real passion, unlike some CEOs who just sit back and count
    cash. Even though I haven’t been a huge fan of Nintendo, I understand its
    Importance to the gaming world and the impact it has had on others. R.I.P
    Satoru Iwata, see you starside.

  42. +UltraPrimal Pokemon GSC is your favorite because Iwata found out how to
    compress two regions on one cartridge?

    That’s an odd reason to enjoy a game…

  43. +lekoro1 **side-eyes america**

  44. +One Thou Wou And yet no one cared about the previous CEO… which is kinda

  45. Because he made games before becoming ceo

  46. Innovation*

  47. +kutsunyanko oh thank you i just couldn’t put my finger on it :S

  48. People dying everyday from bombs and hunger and here are you crying and
    moaning over a random dude who took your money, pathetic.

  49. Now Nintendo can get their shit together

  50. +Rusty Truck and Crazy Duck you sound like a middle aged white dad

  51. *Dark and too early Humor*

    The president of Nintendo has died
    The Ambulance went Wii U, Wii U, Wii U.

  52. +Matthew Jones Basically he died from cancer.

  53. +Zombers i’v never been a very great gamer at all. I could’ve been a great
    gamer, if i’d grown up in a normal family. but growing up without it, has
    costed too much brain energy.

  54. Possessed Zombie

    Who cares?

  55. I hope Ninetendo doesn’t censor this video due to the gameplay clips.

  56. +David Murphy Nintendo said before they didn’t do anything, it was
    Youtube/Google’s automated system. Nintendo stated before they give you
    full permission to upload any and all gameplay videos, you JUST CAN’T
    MONETIZE IT and make money from it.

  57. +Knightime X Yes that is the current truth. however only the PS4 SYSTEM is
    doing well for Sony, no actual PS4 GAME is doing amazingly. The PS4 only
    got into the lead due to “Hype” aka “Greatness Awaits” which people are
    still fucking waiting for, and thanks to Microsoft majorly fucking
    themselves over at launch which made people jump to PS4 just to spite

  58. Nintendo should be making 1.
    Mario galaxy 3 on the wii u 2. A new animal crossing for the wii u

  59. im glad he died.. nintendo E3 was enough

  60. Srdjan Maksimovic

    Mecha Tengu no longer reporting for duty. . .

  61. +speebyda​ real mature you have nothing left you can say so you resort to
    5th grade schoolyard tactics

  62. The second one is from one of the charities that fought against nintendo
    not using conflict minerals called Walk Free, an advocacy group against
    modern slavery. None of this will blow up in their face it’s been years
    already that nintendo has been using the minerals and they couldn’t give a
    fuck. I will never touch a Nintendo machine myself. There are a shit tonne
    more of articles about it, but these both mention Walk Free a legitimate
    organization that have presented Nintendo and the dead cunt with petitions
    explaining the suffering their use of conflict minerals have caused with
    thousands of signatures. Of course the dead cunt ignored them.

    and also

  63. The Gaming GURU 101

    A new gaming system for Nintendo should be titled something along these

    Nintendo Satoru

    It will have all the latest technology and goodies that they can cram into
    it. Just like Satoru would’ve made it to be!

    R.I.P. Mr. Satoru Iwata

  64. Playin my 3ds will never be the same again. :(

  65. Good job guys, great ending. Had me on my feels.

  66. Freddie The Depressed, Very Stupid Person

    +Marco Ploot​ I don’t speak fukboi. Can you speak English please?

  67. God bless him 

  68. I’ve spent many hours on the Smash Brother series, and I grew up with
    I hate to hear something like this. A shame to lose such a great man, and
    my respect and best of wishes go out to his family and loved ones.

  69. What was the music in the end from?

  70. +Rena Ibrahimbeyova That’s it.

  71. My first gaming experience was with the original game boy, RIP

  72. Nintendo sucks anyway bro

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