Nintendo Labo: VR Kit + Super Smash Bros. UItimate

With a free software update, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becomes compatible with the Toy-Con VR Goggles from the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit.

Learn more about Nintendo Labo: VR Kit!

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  1. Alberto Rodriguez

    Oh my god!! I can now get spammed by PK fire..

    .. IN VR :DDDD

  2. Kicking off season 2 of CPUCS with challenger pack 2 and VR!

  3. ngl looks sick but the screen quality when wearing the goggles looks completely atrocious

  4. How I can Side-B as Little Mac off the stage

    But in VR

  5. Inkling, Daisy & Ridley… That reminds me the E3 2018 XD

  6. Will-In-A-Million

    “Sit back and enjoy the view”

    *goes on Flat Zone X*

    Me: Dang they weren’t kidding

  7. Oh boy I can’t wait to see CPU killing each other in vr

  8. Everyone, jokingly: “haha they should make Smash for VR lol”

    Nintendo: “sure”

  9. CloudySkies17695

    Hey, look, guys! Labo Man got into Smash!

  10. Ah, I can finally enjoy a John Wick vs Jesus vs Dark Shrek in *_3-D_*

  11. 0:20
    “Enjoy a front-row seat at CPU bouts”


  12. VR for Smash is Sakurai’s “toys on a desk” theme fully realized.

  13. Slashmaster Universe

    CPUCS Second Saga: Toyconvict watches fights and that’s about it Saga

  14. Now I can watch Princess Daisy dangle off the ledge in VR ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. Imagine how terrifying a screen KO would be in vr

  16. Bernardo Gonzalez

    Now we can all see sakurais cat poster in the house on Pokémon stadium 2 in VR

  17. *Employee* :what kind of game mode should be add to smash?
    *Sakurai* :Yes

  18. Me: Nintendo, fix online
    Nintendo: Smash Bros. VR-Mode

  19. Y’all know what this means, right?

    *C P U C S V R*

  20. “How do we make Labo VR sell?”
    “Just throw the best games on there”

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