Nintendo Addresses Crunch, Takes Time With Animal Crossing, Upsets Shareholders In The Process

Nintendo has addressed crunch (aka abusive coerced workloads), suggesting a work-life balance is part of why Animal Crossing: New Horizons is being delayed.

The company’s mantra of “putting smiles on faces” extends to its employees, according to Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser. New Horizons will now be launching on March 20, 2020.

Oh, and Nintendo’s stock dropped as a result. Because the system is horrible.

IGN article with Bowser (not that one):

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  1. I am so glad Nintendo’s speaking up about Crunch. This is an elephant in the game industry room that needs to keep being called out.

  2. Good for Nintendo. As soon as I can afford to, I’mma buy a Switch on principle.

  3. Animal Crossing helps me relax when I am feeling anxious or depressed. I started playing it on the 3DS and have gone back and played every one on other consoles. I am happy to wait and look forward to a great game.

  4. Ammaradian Ramadhan

    Shareholders: Does virtue ever make a living for a man?
    EA: Definitely Not.
    Rockstar: Eh.
    Nintendo: It maybe difficult, but people should live their lives right and take their time with their work and that guarantees success, right?
    EA: …
    Rockstar: …
    Shareholders: …
    Nintendo: 🙂

  5. “A delayed game is eventually good, while a rushed game is bad forever.”- Shigeru Miyamoto

  6. If it pleases investors, 9 times out of 10 it is anti-consumer.

  7. Robert Silvermyst

    Well, now that the shares have dropped, it’ll be easier to buy some stock in it.

  8. Nintendo: “We are all about making good games.”
    Investers: “Wait, that’s illegal!”

  9. Interestingly the Crunch bar was also made in pretty unethical work conditions.

  10. Iwata-san smiling up in heaven. Good job Nintendo

  11. Nintendo: *shows concerns for employees*

    Capitalists: “excuse me what”

  12. Nintendo: “Please understand”
    Public: “OK”
    Investors: “WAT?!”

  13. “Not bad, not bad, I’ll take it.”

    Now those are some great words that shareholders should listen too.

  14. Nintendo stocks fall.
    Nintendo looks at $10billion cash reserves, $6billion property portfolio, shrugs and goes back to what it was doing.

  15. Sir Robin of Camelot

    “You just wake up in the morning, have no real problems, and can pay off your mortgage with fruit”

    What a perfect description of why Animal Crossing is so therapeutic.

  16. Doug Bowser went from being one of the big wigs at EA to working for Nintendo and defending the mental health of developers.

    Best villain redemption arc.

  17. You know investors are in the wrong when they are getting criticized by Bowser himself.

  18. Some people seem offended that I gave a silly voice to Doug Bowser since the news was positive. Ignoring the fact that I do silly voices for quotes literally all the time, there’s an actual in-joke reason for this.

    The voice was a nod to the character of Tony Harrison from The Mighty Boosh, who is famous for (among other things) talking about “the crunch.” Whenever I talk crunch, I think of Tony Harrison.

  19. So basic human decency is the garlic and cross for shareholders.
    Wish I could say I’m surprised.

  20. Good job Nintendo.


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