NIGHTCRY – The Nightmare Begins

. Kind of.


  1. Christopher Rapczynski

    Hi Jim.

  2. Gromulous Straine

    There’s a very important lesson I learned from this video. Always be wary
    of food dispensers/containers.

  3. oi jim
    was it not you who said “Ugly makes scary”?

  4. Graphics dont look bad but that animations are betheda tier aka absolutely

  5. SuperSubmachinegun

    Night of the killer household appliances!

  6. Well fuck this, I’m buying my drinks only on the store! Screw vending

  7. 5:26

    why is she scratching her ass?

  8. Is this from the same actual people who made clock tower? Looks like
    garbage. Terrible looking stock assets, generic, no personality to them at
    all really.

  9. This game gives me Deadly Premonition vibes

  10. I’m getting shades of Deadly Premonition

  11. Wow, i actually predicted the last death there, but i honestly loved the
    textures that had good lighting on them, and the death scenes were amazing
    tbh, wouldnt say the game doesnt need alot of .. work, but if it was a
    early access game id be quite interested, depending on how much it is ofc.

  12. the kid around the middle of the video made me think of the PS2 Horror
    game, Rule of Rose.

  13. nssallpowerfulonenss

    Was that Harry guy Dante? I smell a lawsuit.

  14. God, it looks like her hair has a mind of its own. Are we sure that it’s
    not going to end up strangling her?

  15. I found a brand new copy of Clock Tower for the ps1 at goodwill a few
    months ago :)

  16. Am I the only one who kept thinking that this might turn into a hentai game
    at any second?

  17. Reminds me of the joke from The Boondocks about how to recognize a hoe.

    Can she run really, really fast in high heels?

  18. Feels like its trying too hard to be Deadly Premonition, but with no talent
    or effort.

  19. Sad, i remember this game looking way better in early screenshots, but when
    i saw that they were going for a mobile version, i knew corners would be

  20. So…why didn’t she find it odd the desk clerk was cutting up some kinda

    Sadly this doesn’t look very good, bah, was a fan of the Clock Tower games

  21. Am I the only one that thinks this feels like a SWERY 65 game?

  22. TheGreatBritishGamer

    This is from the actual creator of Clock Tower, it sure as hell doesn’t
    seem like it.

  23. I am so buying this

  24. Jim, The earthworm living in my hair is called Tom. What’s the name of

  25. Deeper meaning: She’s been trying to “cut out” junk food but it keeps
    coming back to haunt her. She’s gone insanely hangry from lack of sugar and
    it’s actually her killing people on the ship or killing herself. So deep.

  26. Not surprised or certainly not going to be upset if this doesn’t live up to
    the hype/nostalgia. However, I do feel like I’m gonna have to play it
    myself to really make up my mind. I almost expect a certain amount of jank
    from good horror games.

  27. All I can say is that it is nice to hear dear Jim laughing so much.

  28. I never knew you could die because of empty washing machine.

  29. Would somebody take away her stupid heeled shoes?!

  30. I thought I was hearing voices, turned up the volume and holyshit there’s
    actual voice acting :D

  31. Wasn’t this supposed to go to Vita?

  32. Whoever did animations for this deserves some sort of an award. I haven’t
    seen anything this hilarious for quite a while.


  34. This game looks adorably janky.

  35. Believe or not, they want an actual €58.61 for the game, soundtrack,
    artwork and storyboards. For the fucking soundtrack alone they want €20!
    Who needs Dark Souls III?

  36. Tbh, it would’ve been great when you got past the part with the first
    encounter of scissorman or w/e that the achievement said “first fear”

  37. Christopher Beckett

    I wonder if indie devs will haunt Jim’s descendants as stock asset jump

  38. The true enemies are our heroine’s dreadfully uncomfortable heels!

  39. I miss the whole…you die from everything you touch in the room.

  40. If you think it’s coool to take a spin in the dryer, you’re really all wet!

  41. The game doesn’t seem tooooo bad, it does have a nice horror element to it.

  42. Svetlana Sygiainen

    But she does…kind of walk like she shit herself. Just a bit. Esp in slow
    motion. She kind of…does

  43. Has anyone noticed that Harry looks a lot like Dante from DmC.

  44. ViralForceMarketing

    wouldn’t compare this to deadly premonition.
    infact just looks like a buggy clock tower game.

  45. Princess Rainbow Dash

    I wonder if jim sterling likes anime?

  46. SinisterExaggerator

    Is it just me or would a lot of the running away problems would be solved
    if she took her high heeled shoes off to run.

  47. “I just need some air”… She says this after coming indoors…

  48. Been noticing in the videos for awhile that I can barely hear and in-game
    sound. So when you comment on dialogue being spoken and pause to let people
    speak, I (and I’m guessing others?) hear barely audible whispers.

  49. Ooh… Not bad looking game. Good old point n click.

  50. ‘That’s what you get for wearing shoes without socks, Harry!’

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