NieR: Automata – Paris Games Week 2015 Reveal Trailer | PS4

NieR: Automata is a new third-person action RPG, follow-up to the 2010 cult hit NIER. Now in development in collaboration with PlatinumGames Inc., the new trailer showcases the character 2B, gives a first-look at NieR: Automata’s gameplay which features PlatinumGames’ signature action-oriented combat.

NieR: Automata © 2015 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All rights reserved.



  2. game play looks fun but the enemies is just sad

  3. funny this is a ps4 exclusive… pretty sure the original game was gonna be
    a 360 exclusive (like bayonetta) that got changed last minute to ps3 (…
    like bayonetta XD)

  4. peterpansyndrome94

    I wanna be a cyborg sometimes…..

  5. Still can’t get over the fact that her name is a grade of pencil led. 

  6. I hope there is more game this time, Nier 1 had too little content and
    recycled too much.

  7. floating swords at the back of the character :(

  8. People who are hyped for this but never played the Original are like “This
    looks like Devil May Cry”… Idiots…

  9. Alot of ps4 exclusive

  10. An Unimportant Person In The Internet

    Wow the animation, the movement… so fluid and smooth, unlike other
    platinum game in other box!

  11. If it’s one thing I never got tired of in Nier it was the music and this
    trailer does not disappoint.

  12. I’m happy that the Drakenguard/Nier Universe is getting more attention.

    they have great lore a long and pretty well thought out story behind it.
    and these stories keep branching off into alternate universe stories. we
    could very well end up with a new game after this one based off of one of
    those alternate branch endings.

  13. Disappointing.

  14. ¿Un juego bueno para PS4? ¿Y de Square Enix? ¿Dónde está la cámara oculta?

  15. I keep telling myself I can’t get sucked into hype culture….
    but then I see this
    and I need it

  16. i don’t see any blood like in NIER (1)

  17. source song plsss

  18. Does anybody know wich song is playing in this trailer?? I loved it *–*

  19. If what this trailer is showing. And if this style of music is throughout
    the game … Wake me when the game is done, I shall be resting until then!

    On the case of the music. Anyone else immediately think of the Ar Tonelico
    games when it kicked in?

  20. Youmu? It’s you? Не узнал в гриме…

  21. that soundtrack really reminded me of Ar Tonelico :)

  22. This reminds me a LOT of Asuras Wrath.

    And thats a good thing!

  23. Taro now has budget!

  24. I hope we see some of the characters from the previous game make a return.
    Like Emil! That game was great. It would be nice if they re-released the
    japanese version of NieR in english and bring it to NA. I liked their
    character design better. lol

  25. This game looks awesome but the only thing that bugs me is that there is no
    varation of enemys, it looks like you’re fighting the same enemy _, but
    about that the gameplay, music everything looks FRICKING AWESOME!!!

  26. i hope SE makes a Play Arts Kai of this girl

  27. This game looks so good

  28. mmmh the ost is the same like ghost in the shell :/

  29. After this, I’m expecting a Drakengard 4 by Platinum Games.

  30. It looks hype, but thats standard procedure for Platinum

  31. does this mean we’re getting a NieR Hd with the release of the game like
    the bayo 2 bundle?

  32. Is this Devil may cry 5?

  33. NEED NOW

  34. cant wait looks amazing

  35. Nier’s great story and soundtrack combined with actually good gameplay.




  37. “2B”?
    2 Badass lmao

  38. All the people simply entranced by the Platinum gameplay… and who have no
    idea just what kind of fuckery this game stems from.

    But soon you to will know that the Toko Yaro crazy train never stops.

  39. There had better be a really good explainable reason why her weapons are
    floating on her back. This is 2015 and there is no reason why they should
    look like a world of warcraft character holding a shield.

  40. Fan XD Square Enix

    How come a big series like this from Square Enix that I do not know of?

  41. looks hundred times better than I thought it would be!!!!

  42. 60FPS + Insane graphics? Sold.

  43. Meh it looks like a hack and slash instead of rpg. Besides the game is made
    by Platinum so i immediately have little expectations seeing how their
    recent work has been mediocre at best.


  44. Remind me about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

  45. Getting a strong ZOE vibe from the music and the fast gameplay.

  46. Devil May Cry: Bae Edition.

  47. 2B is a machine so… Could she be the flower?

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