New Lunar Colony

Was accessed using preset used for bot which also happened to have health packs off.


  1. Gah. They got rid of my favorite Bastion hiding spot.

  2. Overwatch

    Now Playable

  3. Why isn’t this in the patch notes???
    BLIZZARD! GET IT TOGETHER! (I shared this to facebook btw)

  4. why would you make a 2cp map even more defencive? devs really don’t understand the problem of 9cp?

  5. i wasnt noticing much but that second point is definetely noticable

  6. Holy shit, This is massive! This was not mentioned in the patch notes!

  7. This might have just gone from my least favourite map to my favourite

  8. Love this. May actually start liking this map finally

  9. All the other plants on Horizon are in sealed, controlled environments, but now there’s palm trees in the hydroponics center, just… sitting there…

  10. Guess you can’t have even one 2cp map favoured towards attackers. RIP the only 2CP map that didn’t make me want to die the moment I got it.

  11. DUDE. THIS IS PERFECT. I LOVE IT. This NEEDS to be in the game exactly as shown. No changes.

  12. The Devil Herself

    The entryway is different to the area with Winston’s room and there’s a new staircase to higher ground on the second point. That’s all I noticed? Aside from the tree, but I don’t know how that’s important to the level design.

  13. Sad thing is all the lore in the maps gone now

  14. Was my favorite map…

    Now i hate it. Attackers can barely do anything now

  15. bastion torb junk orisa brigitte zen on point b on that high ground staircase 😀

  16. Okay… I gotta think of some new places for my Sym Shield and such.

  17. This actually seems wayyy better imo

  18. It is me or second point in fucking harder to defende? LIke, just to get out of the spawn you need to walk around 294197 kilometers.

  19. well my winrate will drop with my 2 favourite doors closed now. Rip Death laser room.

  20. BrainDead TacoMan

    Stylosa sent me here my dude

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