New Journey to Un’Goro Card Reveal: Clutchmother Zavas

Reynad reveals a card from the upcoming expansion!

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Tempo Storm is a professional esports organization featuring some of the best players and casters Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, The Fighting Game Community (), FiFA, and World of Warcraft. Founded by Reynad, Tempo Storm has grown from a Hearthstone only organization to having a strong presence in a myriad of competitive esports scenes under his guidance.

This channel focuses primarily on a variety of funny stream and esports moments by the founder of Tempo storm Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk.


  1. Have been pretty sick for the past couple days and while filming this. Sorry about the voice!


  3. Just wanted to say, you do NOT skip your 1 drop for this. Since the quest only costs 1 mana, you can easily just pull something in the vein of T1 Flame Imp, T2 Juggler, T3 Malchezar’s Imp + Quest + Soulfire. It’s a trick almost always pulled with Malch’s Imp anyway – if they have board control, might be better to wait until you have enough mana for Malch + Doomguard/Hound rather than risk them blowing out your, effectively, final planned play before going into topdeck mode.

    Edit: The point of this post is that it doesn’t eat up your 1-drop tempo-wise, the curve was an example.

  4. Haven’t followed Failstone for a while, but now they’ve included “Quest cards”, which Magic had over five years ago?
    This is hilarious, I don’t think there was a HS expansion without a mechanic ripped straight out of Magic.

  5. I now know which side of the family I get my looks from FeelsBadMan

  6. searchable with curator PogChamp

  7. Древний пророк Дан tiguan

    нельзя было бл.. subtit сделать

  8. What the point of warlock getting a beast?

  9. Calling it, Paladin is going to get ignored this expansion, AGAIN.

  10. Great card. Its really hard to not discard this while playing a discardlock, even if you draw late you can lifetap into a discard minion and play that first, it’ll give +2/+2 and then you play it as a 2-mana 4/4.

    I’m kinda excited for discardlock tbh.

  11. Everyone asking why its a beast XD why not?

  12. Tamarin Triggered

    Trump approaches the Tempo Storm headquarters. He ponders where he went wrong.

    “Value Town must remain strong. I have to be strong.”

    He sits in the waiting hall. A voice calls him from the other room.

    “Please come in, Mr. Mayor.”

    Trump nervously enters the office. A man is sitting in a chair turned away. The voice sounds familiar.

    “We hear you’re in need of a position.”

    Trump pauses. He knows he’s heard him before.

    “Y-Yes sir. I’m looking for work.”

    The chair turns. It’s The Noodle.

    “Oh we’ll put you to work alright.”

    Reynad smiles menacingly. Trump feels a tension growing.

    “I-I just need a job sir.”

    Reynad’s smile quickly fades.

    “Drop em!”

    Trump stops in shock. He knows there’s no turning back.

    “Drop those trousers and show me that Fiery War Axe.”

    Trump hesitates, but knows what needs to be done. He lowers his shorts. Reynad whips out his noodle.

    “I’m going to show you the true meaning of value.”

    His Jade grows bigger. Trump bends over in silence, just waiting for it to be over. Reynad enters his Un’goro cave.

    “Tell me. Who’s in charge now?”

    Trump stays quiet. Trying not to weep.

    “Say it!”

    “You’re in charge…”

    “That’s right. I’M IN CHARGE NOW!

    Then, a sound from the closet. The door opens slightly. They hear a faint noise.


    Reynad grins.

    “At last, a worthy disciple.”

    Kripp emerges from the shadows. His beard ready for action. He approaches Jeffrey.

    “Butt plugs are a girl’s best friend.”

    Trump closes his eyes, not wanting to witness. Kripp penetrates the cavern. His elemental glowing. He goes deeper. Looking for Trump’s lost secrets.

    Reynad spots lethal.

    “It’s boom-o-clock.”

    Trump tightens his Twisting Nether. Reynad screams.

    “I’m beCOMING legendary!”

    He unleashes the hounds. Kripp aims for the face. Trump is defeated. He lays there motionless. His body covered in salt. Reynad hunches over the lifeless body and whispers in his ear.

    “You can get 10℅ off by using the code Tempo. Welcome to the team.”

    Trump cries. As he fades into unconsciousness he dreams about his life with TSM. He wishes to go back, but The Noodle has claimed its territory. He’s in charge now.

  13. as a religious discolock player I have to pick up this expansion

  14. >Dies to Hemet

  15. Nice of them to give you such a fitting card.

  16. everytime i hear reynad say this cards name, i cant help but add fucker to the end.

  17. Lovely, another buff to the most cancerous and frustrating deck in the history of HS

  18. I love reynads face in the thumbnail.

  19. you’d never play this card on turn 2, no matter what matchup/draw, anything. same as edwin. that was kinda dumb to say

  20. Beast Warlock ?

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