*NEW* FORTNITE LOOT LAKE EVENT RIGHT NOW! New Fortnite Update! Fortnite Event in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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  1. @Lispyjimmy why are you lieing it’s not filling up with lava

  2. Twentyønepinapplez

    My username is Lazar Beard!!!

  3. Did this channel get sold to you because you sounded really different in your old vids (5 years ago)


    done please I am begging you irony have many skins gift

  5. I plz need the gift i am not that rich but love this ..my id is aayushgulati14-a plz

  6. Done my name is Donuts4LifeDonut I want the Bunny Brawler

  7. Can someone gift me bunny brawler my epic is jamie_oc12

  8. Hey I’m so excited for the event plus’s I’m playing

  9. I turned on the notifications and subscribe and liked and shared it with my family and friend’s

  10. I subscribed and I did everything you said

  11. Can you gift ShelledAura1283?
    I watched last night via xbox but not able to chat.

  12. done can you gift me bunny brawler I liked subbed and turned on notifications I will use your support a creator when I find it out what it is my epic username is Adawg72

  13. Can you gift me abstract. My username is yasenzh

  14. Whats up man new to strem 420 crew

  15. im still hear my name in fortine is speedy276glass

  16. Done my epic is TFG_reaper08 i have over 100 wins i am good so is my friend
    U r my fav utuber

  17. I was watching your stream i liked subbed and with bell my name is ZniperGohan i also play ps4 CoolDg27 it does not let me type in chat love your vids btw

  18. I stayed up till 12 in England to see nothing

  19. So cool thx ur awesome 👍 keep it up dude

  20. Equinoxx05 Nswitch I’m a girl gamer but I’m using my brothers email

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