NEW DARK TROOP – “BOWLER” – IN ATTACK | Sneak Peek 3 | Clash of Clans

: Introducing “” the new anticipated Troop for . Watch the live demonstrations on the new troop attacking and how you can utilize it in your raids.
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  1. He looks like goblin on steroids

  2. useless troop

  3. “It takes up 8 housing like the Valkyrie”
    “It takes up to 8 minutes like the Valkyrie”
    “It’s useless like the Valkyrie”

  4. When will the update be released?

  5. fuck you supercell go to hell

  6. what town hall level does it unlock?

  7. time to bowling troop

  8. Not what I was expecting

  9. This guy with the new nerfed valkyries is going to be way too overpowered.
    Even though valyries haven’t seen much play since the release of coc and
    needed to be chang, it’s too much.

  10. I see a “Go BoBa” attack in the near future.. Golems,Bowlers and Barbs..

  11. Siddhanth Choudhary

    they are like trolls from THE hobbit. but I like them pretty much. possible
    replacement for wizards in gowipe I guess.

  12. ‫مستر محترف‬‎

    not evry one is townhall 10 fack you and fack for supersell

  13. hmmm seems useful and can replace queen walks….

  14. Awesome Super Ant

    Really, Supercell shits down our necks again.

  15. Looking good, will see in upcoming days :)

  16. i thought the new troop was based on a troop in clash royale :P

  17. WHY DOES SUPERCELL COMPLICATE THINGS! Is this really the best idea they
    have? Just add the PRINCE in coc and stop all the weird things

  18. DreamFactoryVideo

    they should have made the ball to keep going straight and break walls..
    theres a troop needed to do that.. all troops always go to the right or
    left first.

  19. I can see this guy being useful for taking out air defenses. That double
    bounce could be used many ways

  20. It is like a catupult, I think it should have a slightly stronger attack.

  21. dont u think they look like goblins

  22. What a cancer attack by new unit! Do you realy think that 2 stars it’s oK?
    Noway! It’s call cancer attack!

  23. El Gato Subnormal

    when out the new actualization ????

  24. Victoria McLeaster

    reminds me of the grenadier on boom beach

  25. im sorry, i’ve liked pretty much everything clash of clans has come out
    with but this looks utterly retarded

  26. I love it! Thanks you

  27. I want more walls now if there bring this in the game

  28. You guys are just looking for a troop to make your life easier. You just
    want more powerful. This twist is interesting. They bring out troops spaced
    apart because it’s a business.

  29. All fucking day!

  30. Nikola Mijuskovic

    It will be an useful troop!!!

  31. play time back to 3:00 ????

  32. Stop saying “boulah” please hahaha

  33. granadierssss came to coc =)

  34. TWO BALLS!

  35. gunoooooi 😉 de cacat

  36. You guys should make flying defenses

  37. I loke the look of the barrack but the troops look funny

  38. It is not interesting to see it at max level with a max Warden. It says
    nothing about how it works for lvl 1 with no Warden

  39. LOOK retarded purple troll

  40. is that true?

  41. Super lame!!!

  42. Amazing


  44. Clash of Clans Indonesia

    Unlocked at th?

  45. i think its too overpowered

  46. Sterling McIntosh (Doge)

    I swear it sounds like he says “baller”

  47. | Effusive Eight™ | TH8 ONLY! | STRICTLY LVL 80+ | NO RUSHED BASES | 3 *

  48. just replace bowler with dick or dicks just try not to laugh

  49. This is fucking stupid, what the fuck were you guys fucking thinking.
    Fucking idiots.

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