Turns out no matter how smart Bigfoot may be… fire still hot!

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  1. whens the next raft video

  2. I love how Mark went full Captain Ahab at the end.

  3. I love these new bigfoot videos, more please.

  4. When you want Bigfoot to come to you turn on the megaphone

  5. Hunting HeeHoo mod when

  6. It’s funny how tables turned and innocent Bigfoot tries to escape from Mark

  7. Mark: Being a complete psycho last video

    Bigfoot: *And I took that personally*

  8. Next up is Hunting HeeHoo

  9. Oh he does sorry

  10. Mark still doesnt think its hitscan…bruh

  11. all the big foot there is on the game are just scared sh*tless cuz of mark. just because of his almighty brain 😉

  12. I love this series way too much. Please play it again, but this time beat it with Bob and Wade!

  13. He’s on a highway to hell

  14. At 3:15 Mark didn’t see that Bigfoot hit the trap before breaking the door in. Would tripped me up too

  15. 33:56 did this man really just make a Mr. Brightside reference

  16. Mark has the eyes of a hawk, i stg.

  17. 38:24 subtle

  18. Big foot is Sus he vent

  19. With Marks new expertise in bigfoot, I want to see a return of the 3 peens in a pod hunting the foot

  20. 8:16 mark missed it but was that a jumpscare??

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