NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge!

Check out Matthias, Sam, & J-Fred in this NERF Putt-Putt Golf Challenge! They’re using NERF blasters to putt their way to glory! Let us know what you think! Comment Below!
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  1. This is the best nerf channel I know!!!!!!!???

  2. SamTCV/TheCrystalVillager

    Can you do call of duty zombies plzzzzz #notificationsquad

  3. I love you guys you are my favorite channel keep up the good work guys

  4. I love when Matthias use his Batman voice it’s hilarious

  5. TheFanOf MinYoongi

    Woooowww!!???? You guys got #2 on trending!!!! I’m so proud of you guys!!????

  6. #2 Trending

  7. Congrats on #2 on trending! So happy for all of the team! All your hard work and honesty is priceless!

  8. Now #2 on trending, I freaking love you guys. You’re awesome

  9. Sam’s dimples are trending #1 in my universe! ♥️?♥️

  10. #Trending

  11. Battle universe makes me happy

  12. #2 on trending! Wow!

  13. OMG #2 on Trending. You go Hi-5 studios.

  14. Congratulations #2 on trending ???

  15. Congrats on #2 in trending!!!!!!

  16. #2 on trending!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. #3 trending


  19. 3rd on trending

  20. Can you do more D&D?

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