Need For Speed Payback Tweaks Microtransaction-Fueled Grind After Battlefront II Backlash

This is a walkback, not a U-turn, a temporary retreat, not a defeat.

Also, EA really did spill the beans to its investors, huh?


  1. Wasn’t it something like $5 for a CAR-HORN?! (aka Something you will NEVER fucking use in a racing game!)

    In comparison, I once got Dead Space 1 & 2 AND Outlast in a Steam sale for £7 (or $9)

    3 Full Single Player Games VS almost 2 “Cosmetics” that I will never use.

    You gotta be fucking kidding me.

  2. Boycotting EA forever

  3. Aren’t they just doing this to dodge the gambling investigation? Wait til the investigation fails from lack of evidence in the current version of the game and after that just put the mtx back in?

  4. Lmfao!!! Publishers are backing off of this stupid shit finally! We the people do indeed matter, for my daily routine is:
    1) thank God for Jim
    2) praise the sun
    3) fuck Konami

  5. cards have no place in a fucking racing game, theres no saving need 4 speed payday

  6. Need for Greed

  7. Meanwhile their new Battlefront 2 patch broke the game.

  8. Glad to see people drawing a line in the sand. Just hope they don’t let up the pressure, already seen people saying BF II is “fixed” cause of the temporary switching off of loot boxes.

  9. Games should be free to play if they have micro transaction crap ridden all over it.

  10. If they need to use loot boxes to cover costs, maybe don’t spend so much on making the games then?

  11. Maybe I’m a bit vindictive but I don’t think either of these games deserve a second chance even if they remove the micro-transactions completely. EA has no good will to cash in and I’ve got no fucks to give.

  12. Remember when nfs was about racing?

  13. First time I’ve seen footage from this game. So trucks go like 120 MPH now? whhhhhaat?

  14. This new NFS was made with loot boxes in mind – instead of making different car upgrades that make sense you just use… cards. I rememer choosing different pistons, shocks and such in NFS Most Wanted, a game that came out in 2005. And to unlock better parts you actualy had to progress in-game. Not to mention the visaul customisation, that allowed you to pick any colour and add livery etc. Now its all cards and loot boxes? Shame.

  15. Need for Speed: Paycheck.

    But really now. Why EA’s sudden obsession with cards? Like every freakin game they make right now has some wierd cards in it to buy!

  16. IGV IOS and Android Gameplay Trailers

    Why don’t they say how much they increased the ingame rewards? Probably because they barely tweaked anything.

  17. Meanwhile I’m here replaying my old PC copy of Most Wanted (the real one) and loving it.

  18. When you build a game from the ground up around microtransactions and loot boxes, taking out the loot boxes isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s like playing Jenga and bringing the tower down with the first block. And it’s after the tower falls that you realize you weren’t playing a game with loot boxes, you were playing loot boxes with a game around it. So essentially, EA has fucked themselves into a corner and here I am laughing my ass off that development has to literally go back to the drawing board each time they overreach. Plummeting sales is right.

  19. So basically Fuck EA, Fuck Activision, Fuck Ubisoft, Fuck Bethesda, Fuck Warner brothers, *_FucKonami_* , and fuck mobile gaming.

  20. Now if only thay can take out the loot boxes form overwatch

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