NBA: Michael Jordan vs. LaVar Ball 1-On-1 NBA 2K17 Game Puts Ball To The Test | Sports Illustrated

Ball don’t lie…or does he? Watch a 1-on-1 2K17 simulation game between Michael Jordan and LaVar Ball.

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NBA: Michael Jordan vs.


  1. I’ll take Lavar fuck y’all

  2. Battlefieldplays1388

    Well at least he got more than 2 points

  3. Lavar is absolute trash

  4. If this was real life, all Lavar Ball would talk about is the dunk at :40 and discount the rest of the game b/c it was fixed since he was apparently so much better than Jordan.

  5. In real life Lavar would just post up and then after get the ball stolen by MJ.

  6. I challenge Mr Ball to 1 on 1

  7. Lavar is a 55 OVR no badges ?

  8. Steve Harvey Is The Illuminati

    If UCLA beats Kentucky and North Carolina beats Butler — a UCLA/NC Elite Eight matchup means we might have a chance of seeing Lavar Ball and Michael Jordan exchanging shade through-out the entire game.

    Basketball Gods, please let this happen.

  9. He’s lower than a 55 he like a 10 he averaged 2 points in college

  10. Stef Curry & Kareem would end up if all player’s played a 1 game elimination match of whose the Greater against anyone. and if Curry miss more than 2 shots it’s over.

  11. as soon as that said ball never made it to the NBA I just stopped watching it this is like when my fourteen-year-old brother tells me he can beat me and he’ll dunk on me when in reality he can’t jump over me it’s hilarious

  12. motherfuckers needs 2 stop making this bum famous

  13. he wouldnt have even scored irl lol

  14. ThePresentation010

    fuck basketball. only few ppl like it. And most of the blacks.

  15. zoehiphop. com zoehiphop. com

    wrong score 11-0

  16. jordan is not jumping out the gym like that in 2017…cmon now

  17. yea..looks bout right

  18. Real life Jordan wouldnt step on the court with that bumb

  19. Kelsey Kjarsgaard

    ok he would not got 3 pts maybe 1

  20. That guys confidence is astounding ?

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