NBA 2K19 Is A Pay-To-Win Sham (And They Just Nerfed XP Gains)

NBA 2K19 is out and you know what that means – 2K Games is ready to rake in obscene amounts of money from F2P mobile-style microtransactions! Yes, 2K is at it again with a pay-to-win mockery of videogame design. Also, they just nerfed experience gains to make the thing even less rewarding!


  1. In The Mind of Kibara

    How the hell did 2K get even more lower than they did?

    Oh wait, it’s 2K.

  2. *More like NBA 2PAY18*

  3. The One & Only C. R. Martin

    I’m convinced that people like Strauss Zelnick, Robert Kotick and Andrew Wilson are all brothers, born from the same sperm from the devil himself.

  4. Micro transactions and ad placement?
    I thought Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham were greediest of greedy.

  5. Even with all that crap IGN still liked it. 2K must pay well.

  6. If a game could ever deserve to be pirated…

  7. Here’s a micro transaction that looks like an apple.

  8. If only 0 copies was sold.

  9. EA’s FIFA: Who are you?

    2K’s NBA: Am you, but Basketball.

  10. RIP Borderlands 3

    Dead before arrival.

  11. I can feel your anger in every word, I wish Belgium’s Anti-microtransaction law extended into more countries, then it’s over for EA and 2K games.

  12. Microtransactions encourage people to design a game that sucks. There’s nothing getting around that simple fact anymore.

  13. I’m sure someone’s mentioned this before, but how easy would it be to launder money through microtransactions?

    You know that at least one of these Shoggoth-like publishers must be underhanded enough to fund human misery more directly.

  14. I wonder how gatorade feels about their brand being diminished by being presented alongside microtransactions that are so unpolished it may as well be clipart.

  15. AAA = Atrocious Avatars of Avarice

  16. Just so people don’t forget: Remember when cheating to advance your single player game quicker was called a cheat code? Remember those? Console commands?

  17. scottthewaterwarrior

    I’ll just stick with NBA Courtside for Nintendo 64 thanks.

  18. Don’t ever stop shining a light on these incorrigible practices in gaming, Jim. TGFY.

  19. 2K, EA, Konami and Activision. Never purchase games from these tools.

  20. Once again, IGN gave this a high score: an 8.5. That silly plagiarizer isn’t even the biggest problem, the problem is its disingenuous critique, failing to warn customers of the money grubbing MTX. Why isn’t 2K releasing the game for free?

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