NBA 2K18 Pulls A Microtransaction Slam Dunk

I have no idea what that headline means. All I know is that 2K Games really are a bunch of parasite pisstakers.


  1. All the real basketball enthusiasts are buying Pyre these days anyway.

    C’mon and slam! And welcome to the NIGHTWINGS!

    But seriously fuck 2k.

  2. This is my first year not getting 2k. I knew about the shitty VC for ages but as a basketball fan it was about the only decent basketball game I could get. But 2k17 had too much bullshit in it between crappy servers, terrible animations at times, awful foul calls, and trash a.i, I’ve had enough. So long 2k and I hope your company burns in hell.

  3. Love the content Jim. Would love to hear your thoughts on Capcom’s business practices with their fighting games, locking characters behind season passes and such (looking at you SFV and MvCi).

  4. Probably a dumb question:

    What was the game being played where the floating hands were shooting baskets all over and pelting the woman with basketballs?

    I’m assuming a VR game, but past that I’ve no idea.

  5. Anyone else see an ad?

  6. MT’s are sumny for sure but i want them more than $80 MSRP

  7. I can spend $60 dollars at a nice restaurant for food that’ll last me that hour. I think it’s time we move on to $100 Video games that are fully completed. I’m sure the extra $40 is enough to cancel out the desire for Microtransactions, and no one will pay $100 for a game that’s not completed.

  8. In WWE 2k17 you earned VC for every match played, especially in the career mode. That VC could be used to upgrade your character, or purchase in game unlockables (Legends, Arenas, Titles). Upgrading your character is monstrously expensive. So you have to make a choice whether you want to slog through the career mode forever on low stats and play like 300 matches to buy the unlockables. Or upgrade your character after 200 matches to make the next 300 go buy easier… Or just shell out $5 for the Accelerator which seems like quite the good value considering how much hassle it takes off. Despicable.

  9. lmao at the opening- Publishers want money, money, money! No shit, it’s a for profit company. Go figure they want money.

  10. If people are tiring of hearing you speak about microtransactions screw ’em. Keep fighting the good fight, Jim!

  11. At least they are in a crappy sports game. The most minimal effort yearly update scam since call if duty. Lol

  12. That’s when you know 2k is really fucking people over, jim “fucking” sterling came with some heat and told it like it is. As always, gouge into these greedy companies, and if people keep supporting this type of practice, it will get worst.

  13. I mean every time you talk about microtransactions, it gives me more reason to tell my friend how inexcusable overwatch’s microtransactions are.

  14. I don’t roll my eyes because i’m tired of hearing about microtransactions. I roll my eyes because more companies keep doing them

  15. Son light circle guard inspector ready stability football cash

  16. God dam jim your are serving theses guys ass on a platter! Well done!

  17. this microtransactions are getting out for those of you defending this really thing if this continues soon this games going to become like mobiles games

  18. Somebody told me you’re always seeking popular issues,even to the point of hypocrisy,so long as it brings in views. This was was indeed right.

  19. Seriously, we need to start boycotting games with microtransactions. Its the only way we’re going to stop the slippery slope.

  20. AAA games are becoming unsustainable. Unfortunately this will become the normal just like season passes.

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