NBA 2K16 – Steph Curry Game Winning Shot vs OKC

Steph Curry pulls up from way downtown to win it for Golden State and tie the record for three-pointers made in a single game. NBA 2K Style.

Capture gameplay with: Elgato Gaming ᐅ

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Audio Credit: NBA/ESPN broadcast


  1. Very realistic. There were just as many bandwagon fans who cheered in the
    video game like in real life!

  2. That was incredible! Keep it up!

  3. shady, saw your vid on tv ?

  4. Shady’s the GOAT

  5. JefeBuckets (NBA2K Wagers + Tutorials)

    Curry is super ass in this 2k, but great vid shady.

  6. Really wish you would start putting the music you use in the description.
    Does anybody know the music being played in the video?

  7. I just saw this on

  8. Didn’t make it with 0.6 left not accurate enough

  9. I just want to know how many times did it take for you make that shot or is
    Curry really just that damn good. What an amazing shot last night. I
    couldn’t believe it.

  10. can you imagine what his rating is gonna be this year lol? he’s for sure
    touching 100.

  11. no and no

  12. As soon as I saw this on TV I knew Shady was gonna make a edit for it

  13. I think it was Andre Robinson that was guarding curry when he hit it

  14. Get a life man…

  15. you make all this in one game?

  16. great video, but you still have one second of game after the shoot :)

  17. I’m sad rn

  18. Should be reviewed. Foot was on the line.

  19. Am I noticing some kind of HDR effect to the video? Feels like there’s
    slight halos around the edges of the characters

  20. I think Curry shot it further away in real life……

  21. sammiethaman la cali

    this what he is a str8 video game charatcer

  22. single was supposed to be guarding him. just saying.

  23. Nice editing but he shot it like 5 feet further back.

  24. 0:26 looks too fucking real!!

  25. Yo how many times it took to make that shot ?

  26. that’s sick!!!!!

  27. you were too close to the basket man

  28. I knew you could do it

  29. They mo capped his form, base, off dribble shots, etc & it still don’t look
    right. How?

  30. 52 haters damn lol

  31. 0.6 seconds remaining not 1 second. Tisk Tisk Tisk

  32. how do you get them to do the celebration animations you want them to do?

  33. Would have been better with Roberson on Curry, but great remake!


    How much does 2k pay you?

  35. Your starting to get extremely lazy with these vids. You had shown Iggy
    getting the rebound, but on the final secs Iggy wasn’t even on the court in
    this vid. It wasn’t 0.6 secs left on the clock, that looked absolutely
    nothing like the shot Russell took, and curry shot from farther back, I
    know you’ve gotten a lil more famous off these vids, but do better

  36. 1.0 second left, not 0.6

    Lolol jk awesome vid

  37. ESPN posted this on their website lol. Didn’t give you credit though

  38. barnes was wide open under the basket

  39. The game winning shot he made was 38.4 ft. The video game simulation
    doesn’t look accurate.

  40. Curry in 2k16 still shoots slower than in real life. That’s how amazing
    Curry is….GOAT.

  41. Westbrook wasn’t on him Roberson was.

  42. prob had to put the sliders up lmao cause real curry is better than video
    game curry

  43. He was farther back when he hit that shot lol

  44. Ummm, he shot it between the e and the r so you have to move back a

  45. Shady, you the real mvp.

  46. Really really nice ^^ congratulations, once again your video is fire 😉 I
    really like the music of the video !!! :)

  47. Damn Shady that was quick!!

  48. Lol I bet the odds of him hitting those shots in this game are lower than
    the real steph curry

  49. How many attempts did this take fam?

  50. Didn’t Andre Roberson contest that three pointer?

  51. Black Knowledge 671

    you did dat!!!

  52. Wrong colorway on his curry twos

  53. Shady, you’re the man

  54. first video I have ever seen from you and this is simply amazing. the time
    and effort it takes for you to do this is just outstanding. keep up the
    hard work.just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  55. so where is the c walk he did last night??

  56. check my hoopmixtape out ! its raw

  57. He shoots further in real life tho haha

  58. he’s so good, he disappointed one of his fans at 0:20

  59. Why is Westbrook guarding Curry when it was Roberson who tried to contest
    the shot.?

  60. So how many tries did this take? The real one only needed one

  61. If the in game commentary was really like this then 2k would be so much
    better! It gets repetitive after about 50 games. I know you can only record
    so many sounds but if the commentary knew when you broke records and stuff,
    that would be awesome!

  62. this is really dope bro

  63. Pinoy Pride :)

  64. Lol the editing is the only dope part. Re-creating the shot itself is pie.
    It’s not like he matched the scoreboard or statline of steph WHILE
    re-creating the shot. Good job on the editing tho, that probably took way
    more time than getting the gameplay.

  65. hahahha

  66. send this to #LD2K

  67. That’s a whole lot of Golden State fans in OKC.

  68. #Dub Nation

  69. the fact that Steph is actually better than his video game counterpart says

  70. Steph Curry is trash

  71. their was .6 seconds left in real life, fake video

  72. That release was super late lol

  73. It was deeper than that in real life. But still cool

  74. This is legit!

  75. Hey bro,which effect do u using to have this awesome realistic style in
    your videos? Or is it a secret? I’m an editor too,but I just started
    learning it,and your videos can inspire me a lot :)

  76. it wasn’t westbrook guarding him tho

  77. Crazy that curry game winner was farther back ?

  78. gosh darn

  79. Shady gotta start using better shot animations don’t use the base roster.
    It’s terrible.

  80. Shady this is going viral I have been a fan a yours for a long time and I
    am happy to see how far your work as come keep up the good work?

  81. where’s the Kanter shrug? haha

  82. This was great

  83. Great video btw but too bad as with everything in the nba 2k is caetered to
    Lebron and 2k16 isn’t made for good shooters.

  84. in real life, the shot was actually farther though. but this is a good art
    imitating life!

  85. Your awesome shady

  86. Great video but To bad it was deeper anf Westbrook wasn’t guarding him.
    That’s about as close as u can get though

  87. Ralph Ezpedion (ArZeOn)

    hahaha that was so amazing curry beat the thunder with a 30 footer !! in
    the over time

  88. sick

  89. You made it on ESPN man!

  90. How come the graphics look like shit doe.

  91. This is beautiful … let’s see ESPN (or insert any other douchey
    corporation here) DMCA this.

  92. funny and shop

  93. Russell WestBrook wasn’t guarding him on that shot lol

  94. That was to close at the 3point line he shot it way further out!

  95. Nice but you pulled up to much

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