Naxxramas Trailer 2017

This trailer is my way of expressing the deep appreciation and respect for the old vanilla raiding back in 2006.

Production took 6 months (161 days).

This is my own personal project. It has no affiliation with any private server or Blizzard Entertainment.

Twelve Titans Music – Dust And Light
Position Music – Takedown
Twelve Titans Music – Monolith
Really Slow Motion – This Ends Now
Position Music – Catapult


  1. What stuff are you going to be doing at blizz ;o?

  2. это, просто, АХУЕННО

  3. Ambient Epicuros

    Awesome and Vanilla at it’s best <3

  4. the corrupted ashbringer part was so fucking good dude you’re talented

  5. “No-one goes home until our job here is done” while ghostwalking back. Yup, pretty much sums up my Naxx experiences in Vanilla.

    Still, awesome work man, almost makes me want to head back to the ‘guildbreaker’.

  6. Any way to get some wallpapers made? I love the scene with the “teleport” up to naxx from the town point of view.

  7. 1:10 Hunter pulling first as always

  8. 0:47 I don’t know why, but this just seems SO epic to me! The whole thing is beautifully made, but that idea alone, that you can actually see from the local zones when the heroes of Azeroth enter the necropolis just has such an epic feel to it. Great job, can’t wait to see more!

  9. There is a chicken at 1:23.
    Why is there a chicken at 1:23?

  10. Respect bro amazing work!

  11. Holy cow! Blizzard needs to hire this guy!

  12. ‘member when wow was awesome? i ‘member :'(

  13. well done bro, how did u do that? which program did u use?

  14. Seriously just release a Vanilla legacy server, exactly how it was pre TBC and use this dude’s trailers. Watch it destroy the current trash version of WoW.

  15. dat color correction kreygasm

  16. Holy fucking shit man, that was amazing. Subbed.

  17. Jacob Sutherland

    Blizzard, hire this guy.

  18. Holy Shit ! Blizzard ? Hire him or burn in hell !!!! O.O

  19. martynas samsonas

    all i can say is HOLY SHIT that was epic

  20. This guy has 14K subs? Holy shit kidtube is fucked up.

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