NA LCS Spring Finals Promo: CLOUD9 vs TSM (2017)

It all ends in Vancouver. Who will be crowned Spring Split Champions? Tune in Sunday April 23rd at 12PM PDT for the .

Watch at .com

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  1. Suddenly map control

  2. 3 c9 big plays vs 1 tsm big plays that had c9 in it. HMMM RITO WONDER WHO YOU WANT TO WIN?

  3. can’t believe this passes for a promo now

  4. wtf why do they put in 3 plays from C9 and only one from TSM which was just a Baron steal, compared to 2 cuadras….. what about that penta bjerg pulled out with ori? wtf rito

  5. So bias wtf shows all of C9’s best plays and only shows tsm baron steel like cmon why not show the bjerg penta against c9 smh

  6. Did C9 pay Riot to do this?????

  7. Whos winning? Place your bets here! 😀


  8. North American LCS but the finals are in Canada LUL

  9. Was this video made by the C9 editor?

  10. Nice C9 promo now do TSM’s please.

  11. No one would say anything if Tsm had 3 highlights and c9 had one,Plainly because Tsm fans are stuck up kids

  12. Forgot to include Ray. Rito productions at it’s finest.

  13. whats the song?

  14. All these triggered TSM fans xD. how dare another team get anytime in the spotlight

  15. Last year they showed a bunch of tsm wins and hardly any c9 plays and tsm won, now they show all c9 plays and 1 tsm play, c9 wins this year confirmed

  16. I’m for C9 coz i just hate TSM

  17. gogogo #TSMWIN

  18. wait TSM is in the finals?

  19. I really hope C9 wins tbh

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