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Friends in the Video:

🎵 Outro song by SpacemanChaos:

#H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. That elevator hiding spot was wild lol

  2. Gooo toons was in this

  3. DootDootIgoinBoot

    good video be prowd

  4. This game is really the next Apex Legends. I remember the hype and potential it has. Same vibes with this game. It’s going to be big!

  5. tommy springfield

    in before the aim bot’s y.y

  6. Leighton Lundstrom

    Hes better than cartoonz

  7. Look like delirious found a new rabbit friend

  8. Assassinlirious is decent on mink but would be godly with controller!

  9. the lonely stoner

    Need cartoonz to play with ya

  10. Why u don’t play with cartoonz tho

  11. very nice killing spree Delirious!

  12. Try different weapon

  13. TeachCinematicsTv

    Be Water my friends
    Delirious was out there SHMOOVIN!

  14. Ah be livin fo the moment. Ah be livin fo the moment.

  15. Delirious can you make more videos on granny simulator I like that a lot

  16. Play the with cartoonz on this game.

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