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  1. Half of this video is Scratty and Daukey screaming 😂

  2. Wish this was a full outlast game it looks so good

  3. Hey Delirious,….. I have major.. depression.. but watching your videos always cheered me up. You made me feel like I belong in this world.. everyone is so mean to me saying i should just disappear.. and.. and.. it really hurts.. but watching you makes me feel a little better 🥲

  4. Play baby in yellow it has an update the black cat early access!

  5. Watching you stream live right now

  6. Who are these new 3? Are they new members of the Vanos crew?

  7. Please more!!!! And when you get caught up to their levels please tell play some with Toonz!!!!???

  8. This was ALSOME!!!!

  9. Oh, static-y screams just remind me so much of Phasmophobia

  10. Candido Ramirez

    Bro You can hear them 15:36 😂

  11. Kishi_Knight_Ritter

    “he’s naked! Ruuuuun!!!”

  12. I was expecting Delirious to play with his friends in the Vanoss crew but oh well 😅 Good video 👍

  13. Sliferslacker21

    You and Ghoostie calmly doing the tasks and getting items as he teaches you how to do the trials and whatnot with Scatty and Daukey screaming in muffled terror was honestly the best lmfao. Toonz and them had such a hard time with the ginnys and them all dying every 5 minutes lmfao.

  14. Love the video

  15. I like how lost Delirious is in the beginning, just pure panic all the time. I have to say, i do miss the games with Cartoonz and Squirrel but this new group is very entertaining. I like them as a team too, good chemistry.

  16. i luv this new group. hella hilarious. the panic gameplays

  17. try playing this with cartoonz and squirrel

  18. That was fun

  19. Looking forward to more! 🔥

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