My First Kill and Win on a Dance Pad! – Road to Level 30 (LoL on a Dance Pad)

adventures to get to level 30 in League of Legends starts today! I’ll be playing on a DDR Dance Pad whole time. I wanted to show you guys a highlight clip from my first match against people using a dance pad. I got my first kill and victory on a dance pad.


  1. SSB ATwerkingYoshi

    Hey if y’all want to see me play live check out
    every thursday night 7:30PM CST for DDR League Mistakes! There are other
    people on this channel too so show them some love!

  2. 20 min with no items complete and 34 cs O.o
    EDIT, guys he’s just using the mouse for pointing, I hadn’t noticed that at

  3. now play ryze

  4. Now get challenger

  5. Seems like this is waay better than mouse and keyboard ;)

  6. Artist Kalethegod

    Who needs to click with legs like these?

  7. thats some dedication

  8. Dude keep doing this until you get really really good, then try climbing
    using it, I see potential

  9. What is ur rank on normal gear if i may ask

  10. Katarina pentakill on a dance pad?

  11. New meta. Next year you’re going to see all the pros dancing around on the
    world’s stage.

  12. giovane Guiselini

    I just gonna say one thing to you good luck

  13. That made my day. Thank you xD

  14. You sound like Shaggy 😛 When you won, I thought you were going to say:
    Like, we did it Scoob! heh very cool video dude

  15. I thought about doing this with sona and being that one guy but too much
    effort and meh

  16. Damn imagine a korean with this, he’d be rocking them moves better than
    michael jackson

  17. Now try to play Katarina

  18. Lol next time we gonna see someone playing league on a joystick and a

  19. ทศัภูมิ เรืองสุขสุด

    Outtro ?

  20. outro song name?

  21. That WhataBurger Cup +1 m8

  22. mf' top madam Jimin

    LMFAO this is comedy

  23. why do you have 6 toes ?

  24. NastrogosaGaming

    dem moves! Best dancer of all time

  25. amazing

  26. SSB as in Super Smash Bros?

  27. Hey, can u tell me the outro song?
    Or does anybody know it? :)

  28. retard

  29. Getsuga Tsunentaiga

    That was incredible, I’m genuinely intrigued by this. Subbed :3

  30. Hey! I’d like to know if I can use this video in mine. I will give you
    credit, of course. 😀
    But anyway, this looks painfully hard to do, so you did a great job! GO FOR
    CHALLENJOUR, ahuehue

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