Music of Splatoon 2 BTS – Nintendo Switch

Check out a behind-the-scenes into the creation of some of the music from Splatoon 2.

Splatoon 2 is available now!
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  1. I luv splatoon too much

  2. Nintendo, please, keep uploading videos like this.

  3. Never paid attention to how nice the bass playing is in some of these songs.

  4. H.A.D squad Humans against dabs

    Notification *squid*
    Where you at????


  6. I just inked in my pants. I’m not a kid anymore. 🙁 But I’m still a squid.

  7. Should I get Splatoon 2? I have never played either game, but this music is super catchy!

  8. Splatoon mixtape drop when?

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    • I hope everything is ok, even though i dont live on the USA.

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    • saltyspirit net neutrality means companies cant slow down or block any websites, and that’s at threat

  10. The amount of people in the comments who think “BTS” means the actual K-pop group is killing me.

  11. 1) One for ARMS would be amazing.
    2) How cool would it be if Nintendo released music videos of each piece of music showing how each instrument is done? I’d watch that.

  12. I love how they have voice actors to speak squid gibberish LOL

  13. those are some serious voice filters. But damn do I love them.

  14. I have never played Splatoon, but this rocks!

  15. Super Sig - Puyo Puyo fan

    Amazing! Looking at this just makes me feel in awe. This is just amazing. People like this seriously need credit. I see people going like “WTF” and stuff like that. Why? Its amazing! This is truly one of the best music vids. I know I probably sound like….like…i am reviewing this or something but I truly mean this. Say what you want, this is a masterpiece.

    • Super Sig – Puyo Puyo fan I believe K-Pop fans are clicking on this video thinking it’s the group BTS, but I know BTS is the word and it means “Behind the Scenes”.

  16. Give this game a 10/10 Woomy

  17. We need more videos like this rather then Nintendo minute

  18. Holy crap Pearl and Marina’s voice actors are adorable

  19. these bops! ??

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