Moss – Launch Trailer | PS VR

A mysterious Glass Relic awakens ancient magic. A distant evil extends its reach. The unlikely hero is called on an epic journey—will you stand by her side?

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  1. Probably one of the best games in 2018!

  2. Stuart little 4

  3. ????????

  4. Stuart little xD

  5. I wish they made this game compatible without VR

  6. Gonna get this 🙂

  7. who is singing the song? It really sounds like malukah

  8. All these babies crying it’s not on VR lolol. Why would you want to play it on a flat screen TV versus being IN the game. Psvr is only $200. Quit being cheap and buy one. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made

  9. So excited for this release. VR is awesome I don’t see why people gotta hate

  10. One of the reasons I picked up PSVR! Can’t wait!!

  11. I love Psvr 😉

  12. Keep on bringing the PSVR Games Sony.

  13. 7.8 — IGN

    – Not enough moss

  14. The PSVR library grows stronger and stronger. So glad there’s studios out there doing single player story driven games. We have enough multiplayer games with a dead player base as it is..

  15. The cutest VR game

  16. The game no one knew they needed lol

  17. Canˋt wait….so ein charmantes game ??

  18. Anyone else immediately recognize Malukah?

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