Moss – Launch Trailer | PS VR

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A mysterious Glass Relic awakens ancient magic. A distant evil extends its reach. The unlikely hero is called on an epic journey—will you stand by her side?

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  1. Probably one of the best games in 2018!

  2. Stuart little 4

  3. 👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍

  4. Stuart little xD

  5. I wish they made this game compatible without VR

  6. Gonna get this 🙂

  7. who is singing the song? It really sounds like malukah

  8. All these babies crying it’s not on VR lolol. Why would you want to play it on a flat screen TV versus being IN the game. Psvr is only $200. Quit being cheap and buy one. It’s the best purchase I’ve ever made

  9. So excited for this release. VR is awesome I don’t see why people gotta hate

  10. One of the reasons I picked up PSVR! Can’t wait!!

  11. love sony👍

  12. I love Psvr 😉

  13. Keep on bringing the PSVR Games Sony.

  14. 7.8 — IGN

    – Not enough moss

  15. The PSVR library grows stronger and stronger. So glad there’s studios out there doing single player story driven games. We have enough multiplayer games with a dead player base as it is..

  16. The cutest VR game

  17. The game no one knew they needed lol

  18. Canˋt wait….so ein charmantes game 😀👍

  19. Anyone else immediately recognize Malukah?

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