Mortal Kombat 11 – Official Kitana & D’Vorah Reveal Trailer

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Check out the character reveal trailer for Kitana and D’Vorah in Mortal Kombat 11 featuring Kitana’s fatality.


  1. Isn’t it D’Vorah not Devorah?

    Edit: Nevermind they changed it lmao

  2. That giant bug thing is dope

  3. damn she comes out as a fly if her body gives out nice

  4. I sure am a *fan* of these reveal trailers!

    I’ll stop

  5. Love D’vorah’s look it’s so creepy & disgusting.

  6. Now I really can’t wait for this game this was crazy good

  7. This is like the ultimate mk game
    I’m pretty sure the dlc will add the missing fan favorites

  8. 0:05-0:09 Empress Kitana? or Princess Azula?

  9. were those Mileena’s sais?. And if so, does this mean no Mileena?. im having flashbacks to the staff in the mournful variation

  10. Whoa! Kitana looks super different. And D’Vorah has some dope moves!

  11. The Common Commentator of Youtube

    1:44. Ohh I can smell the memes from this

  12. Perfect combination of savagery, style and beauty in Kitana!

  13. 1:44 Oh she actually did Crush her skull with her booty.
    Hm. I dunno what to think of this but i kinda think it is good.

  14. Anyone a big *fan* of Kitana?

    Ok, I’ll stop.

  15. Everette Wrestling Productions

    Idk why but the rebound during the Fatal Blow was hilarious 🤣🤣

  16. Maxson At The Fort

    Kitana be looking kinda like Brenda Song, I like it.😂

  17. Someone needs to call social services on d’Vorah she hasnt a clue how to look after her babies

  18. bruce thundercock

    Man, both characters look really good. Especially kitana

  19. They did a excellent job makin Kitana look like a beautiful Asian woman 😍

  20. Oh man love kitana she looks amazing and her fighting style is amazing

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