More Pokémon Revealed for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

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  1. these pokemon look retarded

  2. Lol theyre running out of pokemon names


  4. faisal aljumaah

    I love how they finally made a Magic School bus Pokemon. Been waiting for

  5. I speculate that the evolution of Rockruff will be Bouldog.

  6. I love drampa

  7. In other news, they’re also bringing back Stoutland!

  8. Vikavolt and Drampa are definitely on my Pokemon sun and moon team

  9. Ashawott Ketchum

    Vikavolt looks like a competetively viable pokemon with rudiculoisly high
    speed and special attack, and low defences.

  10. You guys keep saying that the people look weird but do you know why? It’s
    because Hawaii is exotic so are Pokemon

  11. netanel mullokandov

    its called fucking cutiefly, cmon nintendo the design is amazing but you
    could find a better name

  12. hey umm bruxish looks like crap

  13. They look like Yoi-Kai!!!!! lol

  14. I think dunsprace evolve to Drampa

  15. I wonder of zygarde complete form will make the smogon AG tier with mega
    rayquaza….from the looks of its signature move it might do just that

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  17. Cutiefly = Bug Fletchling. :P

  18. Cool new Pokemon guys

  19. drampa = dragon + grandpa? seriously pokémon?

  20. I can theorize why many of the pokemon being revealed now are electric…if
    you look at the beginning of the trailer it says the guardian of the island
    is tapu koko which is an electric type. The alola reigon is made up of
    several islands which means that each island will probably have its own
    typing with one pokemon as its guardian. Each island will also probably
    have a gym as well. So for example, one island will have mostly all electic
    types, and electric type “guardian” pokemon, and an electric type gym. This
    is just a theory though so dont believe it. ;)

  21. Bris W (Official)

    and every gen ppl start raging xD

    just stfu, those Pokemons arent worse than gen 1

  22. Kinnichi KunKata

    Oh god….1. why does Zygardes first 2 forms look like bacteria or boogers?
    2.Togemaru looks like pachirisu mixed with emolga mixed with mincino with
    togepi markings…even the name sounds like togekiss or. something

  23. Yep…Pokemon’s running out of ideas

  24. Tapu Koko is okay, I guess. The others look pretty bad, especially
    Togedemaru. It looks like a pikachu that fell in bleach then got fat, and
    not the cute fat. This just my personal opinion so don’t mad at me for
    saying something. Also opinion is coming from a person that likes
    oshawott,chespin, and popplio.( popplio is a not a love like the other two,
    but if it was between Litten and popplio, I’m going with Popplio, because
    screw Litten.

  25. Where the Super Luigi game at?

  26. These new Pokémon’s are pretty cool looking I do not understand why some
    people hate these

  27. ✨Kazumi Addict✨

    Wait. I thought we start off our journey on the island on the one on the
    far left?

  28. Bunch of retards saying shit down below.

  29. The Michael Of Rosen

    You faggots saying that these designs are bad should go back to gen 1.

  30. Green Space Dorito The Crystal Gem

    Although the designs are a bit….. creative, i’m really excited for these
    brand new Pokèmon, and they seem to have lots of potential! I’ll be looking
    forward to new footage of Sun and Moon!

  31. why is drampa’s colors a bit different in the gameplay than the art work?
    is that a shiny drampa?

  32. Cutie fly isn’t that cute

  33. Morgan Blankenship

    lol I have no words xD

  34. Drampa looks like a crap Dunsparce relative, all the others are ok but they
    can easily improve. At least theres more choices of electric types.

  35. THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  36. Quite frankly I don’t think these seem nearly as bad as some of the Gen 5
    People need to take the nostalgia goggles off and realize that every
    generation has plenty of Pokemon that look a bit off.

  37. UpInThePocket8611

    hope the music isnthe wild battle music cuz im already in love

  38. This really puts th-“HYYYYYYYPE” in DashieGame’s intro

  39. Drumpa looks a little familiar

  40. pika-pika)))

  41. Mikasa Animates

    Can u still get sylveon

  42. well this is…horribly uncreative seriously they need to stop

  43. zygarde’s mega evolution looks like a digimon…….and these names…are
    just God awful……

  44. Based on the hipster comments, I feel like the only one whose been around
    since gen one and whose personal favorite is gen two and still thinks this
    looks cool.

  45. Make King dedede pokemon

  46. 1:14 dragqueen Feebas

  47. who else agree

  48. i looooove cutiefly

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