MOONLIT MAYHEM – Let’s Yell At A Game Made For Children

Yelling at a Halloween game for kids, because it’s horrible.


  1. Notification squad, incoming

  2. A pretty mediocre game that managed to be so boring that it couldn’t even
    garner a stronger emotion than “meh”

  3. If I were stuck in a house with an entire town of homeless children begging
    me for candy….
    ….pretty sure I’d die.

  4. Daniel Sisneros (Rivorchon)

    I was thinking the same thing Jim when i saw all the comments about you not
    shooting zombie heads!

  5. You don’t know how to play a game which was made for children? :P

  6. Didn’t you get a headshot in Fall of Freya and the entire zombie exploded
    into bits of meat? I am 80% sure this happened but can’t bring myself to
    watch the game play of that through again, even scanning quickly, to be

  7. That one silly spider still using his AI routine from his Rom, the Vacuous
    Spider support gig.

  8. The only good use for candy corn, tbh.

  9. Jim, I think you’re the only person to have bought and played this game so

    Also, for recording console footage, why not get an Elgato?

  10. No one needs a candy gun that can shoot 30 targeting AA clip rounds per
    second. Ban candy guns.

  11. Damn those wanker pumpkins, with all their hands and genitals… Wait a

  12. the ragdoll spaghetti monster effect is from when you don’t set up the
    ragdoll properly. the physics engine gets all confused and stretches the
    model’s bones/joints all over the place. it’s not necessarily a unity
    “feature”, but since unity tends to be the engine of choice for hack
    developers due to its ease of use, it gets associated with it. much like
    all the other negative things usually associated with unity >.>

  13. Wow wow Jim Spooky Alert. You forgot the SPOOKY ALERT!

  14. But…what about maze mode? :(

  15. Kinda feel sorry for Sauron after that intro!

  16. It’s a game for kids, Jim. Relax. As the success of Dora the Explorer and
    teletubbies show us. kids don’t care if what they’re watching/playing is
    actually any decent. They’ll play it anyway.

  17. I feel like some devs these days like that if they make a shit game they
    can just say its for children and that’ll make it all okay.

  18. This game would be passible if the candy norns had noclip for eachother and
    sounds were added.

  19. …J-Jim…that intro was beautiful :’O I’m dying. Thank you

  20. I hope we see the return of the pog fucker, I hear he fucks boglins now as

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