🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!

#Minecraft #H2ODelirious #Delirious


  1. Like this video and leave a comment if you would like to play my lucky blocks maps!

  2. Halloooooo

  3. Jacko_animations

    Hello delirious I have been a fan for years and you amazed me for years I wish you have a good day and the others💙

  4. This is awesome & hilarious 😂👍

  5. If you say this isn’t funny you need to shutch up
    Edit:yoooo thanks for the like delerious

  6. I love your videos H2O

  7. The Underestimated Luxray

    Next thing I feel is challenge games XD

  8. H20 Delirious language of today! “You-YOU’RE EV..IL!”

  9. Delirious- if only we could trade places
    Moo- Who said we couldn’t

  10. funny moment

  11. Hay I’m early

  12. You can never trust moo 🐮

  13. Loving these videos 😊😊

  14. randomchineseguy

    13:23 That is definitely going in the next Moo Vs. Delirious compilation

  15. delirious : Why are u chicken!!!

  16. Ok did anyone notice that the rainbow tower fall has water in the corners of the floor? Honestly u can survive the fall

  17. Kamari Duncan Gaming

    Excellent video, Delirious.

  18. TheYoungatheart77

    what is that song in the back round in the start of this video i know its from a game but cant think of it

  19. You guys should do the lucky block thing like the youtubers pat and Jen last one standing wins

  20. Awesome video Delirious

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