MONSTER HUNTER WORLD – Ryu and Sakura Gameplay Reveal Trailer (2018)


  1. That looks so out of place lol

  2. omg fuck off Capcom, this is not impressive or hype in any way, its actually meaningless. You wanna do something cool put a monster from the monster hunter franchise as a playable guest character in SFV that would be sick

  3. useless addition

  4. Ruined game.

  5. So this is where Sakura and Ryu spends the night and day in NICE.

  6. Wrong universe dude.

  7. Glad everyone is enjoying this one, and because I too love this entry in the series, I am happy to officially announce to my fellow fans that Monster Hunter World is being served daily on “What’s Cook’n JB?” so please subscribe, and tune in to the new channel to see just how Chef JB whips’ up some Barbecued Rathalos!!

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!! OH C’MON!!!!!!! SMH

  9. もちろん拳だよなぁ?

  10. How do we get them?

  11. why do u put watermarks to trailers u dont own the rights to?

  12. Captain commando would have been great

  13. Damn ever since Ryu shoryukened a Dahren Mohran seems like Capcom just wants to run with it

  14. Remember when Lost Planet 2 had Killzone and Gears of War characters? Yea same vibes here.

  15. This is ridiculous

  16. Errrrr…. I don’t even… like I don’t know if this is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen or the most ridicolous.

  17. While this looks fun, i think Gon the dinosaur would have made a better selection.

  18. I know they do a lot of crossover promotions in the past… but can we just all agree that atleast make it that it just makes sense??? I mean i get SFV but Ryu?? Really?? Gutz should’ve been the best choice or Blanca/Blanka for God’s sakes… i cant look at Ryu holding a giant sword and not twitch my eyes with annoyance in my face

  19. DaRagin'Lombax 1998

    Something like Dante would have made a LITTLE more sense…

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