Modders Mod In A Mod To Mod Out Bethesda’s Paid Mods

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HA! Bethesda’s Creation Club has been undermined by a new Fallout 4 mod that pretends it isn’t there.

Link to the mod here:


  1. Leon Batel-Stojkovski

    You missed the chance to name the video “Modders mod in a mod to mod out Bethesda’s paid mods that aren’t paid mods but are paid mods”. Ya disappoint me Jim, ya disappoint me.

  2. This is really misleading, and borderline untrue. That mod doesn’t remove the creation club or it’s mods at all, nor does it block them in any way. It just removes the pop-up spam message telling you about the creation club. I use this mod and one complimentary mod from the creation club together just fine…

  3. The weirdest part is there’s still only a tiny handful of things in the CC. Some furniture, a couple of armours and a couple of weapons. Nice launch selection guys. Adding anything else?

  4. Has science gone too far?

  5. Also, apparently you can play those mods for free with easy construction set tweaking (only on pc tho).

  6. If Jim is fully funded through Patreaon then why are there adverts on his videos?

  7. This is what makes modsgreat

  8. That it downloads stuff to your system even if you don’t want them, that alone is enough for me to tell them to fuck off.

  9. People were giving Bethesda too much credit over the years, and now are starting to see what a scumbaggy company they really are with this whole debacle. Don’t forget that Skyrim on the PS3 was ostensibly broken for months, and even after they tried to fix it, they initially made it even worse. That coupled with platform timed exclusive DLC on the Xbox and yet people were still singing in the streets that Skyrim was the bestest game to ever game.

  10. Please tell me there’s an Xbox One version.

  11. Where’s the parody video of gamers installing this mod while saying “Fuck You” to Bethesda? Somebody should make one.

  12. Bethesda… we pay enough for your glitchy fucking games, fuck off with paying for mods.

  13. thanks for making more people aware of this mod (will hopefully stop some people being temped)

  14. Iam laughing so hard now to those who bought the Morgan suit and Horse PA…its free now HAHAHAHAHAA…HA

    for a limited time

  15. Why is this a video and why should I give a shit? So you could rehash on stuff you already said and talk about a mod which takes away the message in the corner, but not the actual tab for the creation club? What are you doing jim?

  16. Yay! People are finally hating Bethesda and ES/FO games… I was hoping it’d be for their terrible mechanics, stories, art and graphics– but this works, too.

  17. I was the ‘lunatic’ screaming from the moutain tops trying to warn the masses how trash Beth and Todd Howard is for what feels like a right decade.

    But nobody would listen.
    But now, now its slowly but surely being recognized!

    I want them to reform because I do genuinely love Fallout and Elder scrolls.

    But fuck Todd Howard, and current Bethesda. If they can’t stop doing bullshit, then let’em burn with Konami.

  18. So modders modded in mods that mod out the mods that they modded in. Got it.

  19. Not only is the idea shit but the implementation is incredibly shit, almost amateurish in its execution. Auto downloading paid content to people’s disks unencrypted that they can then take and use for free shit.

    It’s almost like someone ‘important’ is putting people under pressure to release these systems. Hope they can get out of the pocket of these clowns and back to making games. Try the CDPR model guys.

  20. Internet: Free modding is dead! Creation Club will kill it.
    Free Modding: Really? Gimme a second ….

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