Mob VS Tatsumaki (Mob Psycho 100 VS One Punch Man) | DEATH BATTLE

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  1. Next death battle:

    Epstein vs R. Kelly

  2. “Why she got cinnamon rolls stuck to her face?”
    -Abbachio Leonne

  3. **Sees Deadpool vs The Mask**

    Me: It’s gonna get a little weird. It’s gonna get a little wild!

  4. Wiz: “This was an incredibly close match”

    Analysis: “Well yes but actually no”

  5. well you see, mob would never win against his mother XDD

  6. Links's True Power

    Randomly kills a lost child.
    Definitely a hero if I’ve ever saw one.

  7. In the end of the day…Tatsumaki killed a minor who just wanted directions.

  8. Man that’s f**ked up man, common, man why the innocent kid get dunned up like man, man aww man man

  9. The problem is, Mob was actually never able to completely utilize his powers to its full extent. I’m talking about the ???%. The manga ended without mob actually facing anyone with his full, uncontrolled, unadulterated power, except for maybe his fight with Mogami. Granted, it was basically just an alternate reality, but in that fight, mob was able to destroy the world when ???% showed up (signified by the “space” in the background at the end of the fight), but still nothing tells us that it was the limit of the ???% level. Mob never really got to a point where he was running dry on ???% mode. Finally, we know that Mob had to release the energy to the broccoli seeds, but we don’t know if that was because mob was still at maybe 95% capacity, or 5% capacity. We don’t know if that capacity was just with Mob in control, or is ???% included. They also assumed that ???% “shouldn’t” exceed Mob’s capacity, when Mob can only get to his maximum power at when he’s at ???% level. So there’s a good chance that mob’s 100% mode regular capacity may be just a fraction of his ???% mode. We know that it’s at least 10% because he was able to give 1000% to Reigen back at S1, but I’m sure it’s much more. It’s too bad that the manga ended without a real benchmark.

    There is one thing of note. At the end of Mogami’s fight, he says something about Mob’s vessel shattering. Which means when Mob’s vessel shatters, he gets to his ???% mode. But doesn’t a ‘vessel shattering’ mean that there is no more limit? It’s likely that Mob has ???% mode may NOT have a limit, however, when Tatsumaki fought with Saitama (an actual benchmark for power), she was getting to a point where she starting to hurt herself for using too much power and, we didn’t see the world shattering in that fight. And it also tells us that Tatsumaki’s limit is when she harms herself with her power so much that her body(vessel) becomes damaged beyond repair. Mob never got to a point where his ???% was showing a limit AT ALL both at the show, and at the manga. At this point, we’ll probably never know

    • NeutralGuyDoubleZero

      @SinOfDisaster I dont think kids buus strength increasing with his time spent awake has ever been a thing. Or at least ive never heard or seen that brought up in anything.

    • Could Sasuke hurt him with electrical attacks? Probably, yes. But Hiei has shown the ability to tank electrical attacks. It has happened, it is canon, and you can’t just unwrite it from the canon because you don’t like it. So he is gonna eat some damage, but he’s also gonna soak a certain amount of it.

    • Toby Bower he does have a limit. At the end of season 2 mob literally says I’m at my capacity and releases all the energy

    • @John Lu and at the time, he wasn’t at ???%. Mob doesn’t really talk at ???%

  10. Mob: *trying to find the middle school*
    Tatsumaki: looks like you’re going to the shadow realm jimbo!

  11. Something they kinda missed were that when mob turned the giant explosion into a broccoli he was at 100% not ???%. The difference is when he is at 100% he is filled to the brim with psychic energy at ???% there is no limit to how much he can hold. If this were true he could just drain all of tatsumaki’s psychic energy

  12. Mob: Do you know where the middle school is?

    Taki: *Kills innocent child*

  13. If I hear, “By now you’ve probably heard of Blue Apron” one more time, let’s just say Wiz won’t be on death battle anymore

    • @StereoTypical Trash. Finally. This series is trash and I’m tired of seeing it in my recommend.

    • @Gatorade But……..they obviously aren’t…………

      …..Not to mention you EASILY can set it so they aren’t recommended to you……You just click the three dots next to their video whenever one pops up…….

    • Gatorade nice bait

    • @StereoTypical Trash.
      What the actual hell are you talking about?
      They even confirmed Season 7 several times.
      Wiz VS Boomstick is the Series Finale, which is probably not coming until at least Season 8.

  14. Just so it’s clear, when they say the match was “really close”, it’s more implying to the researches having a hard time deciding who wins, very similar to Sasuke vs. Hiei.

    • @StereoTypical Trash. Ummm…….that one was also not obvious right off the top. It was close in both senses……..I’m unsure what you’re trying to say…….

    • A lot of people seem to be under the impression that a clear advantage in one or two attributes means there’s an instant victory. They don’t acknowledge that being stronger and tougher than your opponent means nothing if you can never hit him.

    • and green lantern vs Ben too

    • @StereoTypical Trash. i sorta think that was a close one

  15. Boomstick: Why does she have cinnamon rolls stuck on her face?!

    Giorno Fans: ……


  16. Mob: *Assumes that Tatsumaki is a middle schooler*
    Tatsumaki: I’m bout end this KIDs whole career

    • Yes, that was the joke and context of the episode

    • Ik it’s death battle, but this wasn’t the fairest match in the world, and you’re putting a timid child up against one of the most powerful and experienced heroes in the world. DB has been great in the last few vids, but this one was a plain mismatch.

    • @Steak n Eggs they massively underballed mobs ???% form… mob should have won this

    • @Ryan Another good point. Imo they weren’t ready to make this Death Battle.

    • @Ryan your right because given how ONE said that 100% mob vs tatsumaki would be to close to call it just makes sense that him being STRONGER in ???% so he would take the win. It just makes sense doesnt it?

  17. worldthroughabucket

    Mob: Are you a middle school student?
    Tatsumaki: What’s with this sassy lost child?

  18. Rule 1 of Deathbattle: Whoever pulls his or her (or its) Ultimate first loses.

  19. Innocent Kid: Excuse me, do you go to the middle school here?

    Tatsumaki: Ah, so you’ve chosen death

  20. One punch man: “What’s with the attitude from this lost child”?

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