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Play the Game ► https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/evil-dead-the-game

Horror Outro ► https://soundcloud.com/shurkofficial/haunted


  1. Annie, are you ok? Are you ok Annie?

  2. “Mistakes were made” yeah, Sean’s wifi

  3. Wade is a strategic genius in co-op games

  4. Wholesome

  5. Purple chainsaw, no mark on it. Literal pain with two ash’s

  6. “Is this the point of this game?”
    “Yes it is”
    *roll credits*
    this got me so much

  7. Bobs character in the car: I’m literally shaking and crying rn

  8. I am loving their reference to durnk Minecraft, when Mark spilled alcohol all over his keyboard and had to get that super small one from his brother.

  9. Hey mark, could you try and get wade jack and bob to play “In Silence” with you again?

  10. 1:02 the tutuuriel

  11. i love it when mark plays with his friends, its my favorite videos of his

  12. TOTALLY believed in the video.
    I felt the emotions, the fun, and I felt like it was believable.

    Thanks guys 😌

  13. I can’t believe this is number 2 on trending

  14. God, this video has my heart jackhammering like a quarter back on prom night, gotta do some cardio

  15. i like how wade just knows so much about horror games

  16. Cameron LeBlanc

    i really hope this game blows up. i miss the movies.

  17. I like when you play whit ur friends

  18. “muyskerm has revived somanyissues”
    that’s gold, that’s what that is 🙂

  19. “You mean the necronomicon?” – Mark
    It’s the Necronomicon ex mortis! The book of the dead, do you know nothing?

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