Minecraft Lucky Block Race… SOOO UNLUCKY…

Comment below if you want more Minecraft Races!
And give us ideas to make them better!

#H2ODelirious #minecraft #funnymoments #Delirious


  1. A Plague Tale Series starts here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAKBhOSkEVw

  2. rip ending

  3. Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Happy 4th of July everyone, make sure your pets are safe in-doors when the boomers go off.

  4. HatersGonnaRate

    Ooof that choke at the end

  5. Poor ria today is just her unlucky day

  6. Cool vid, but WTF IS THAT FOV

  7. SoftboundDeer1 cabrera

    Anyone else have a roller coaster of emotions with this one Bcs I can say a lot just by the thumbnail

  8. RIP teconoblade

  9. day 1 of asking delirious to play aragami 2

  10. i love how he is doing his own advertising for his second channel instead for RAID Shadowlegends xD

  11. You should paly bedwars against them! Maybe even bedwars but juat with objects you get from lucky blocks

  12. Anthony Hopkins

    rip technoblade

  13. Shrimplord Cooco

    You should download some lucky block mods

  14. Delirious could’ve won but he was stupid and didn’t hold shift 😐

  15. ashleigh mondragon

    ayeee new delirious vid just what I need to feel better😃😄
    (sees flying pigs)
    (thinks of my favorite mc pig)
    (fav mc pig is Techno…)
    my face:😶🙁😧😞😢

  16. Do different lucky blocks like the rainbow lucky blocks

  17. Rip techno

  18. MORE LUCKY BLOCKS. but bring in cartoonz, squirrel and gorilla. keeping bryce and you for a 5 way race. 👍

  19. i love being back to h20’s content

  20. Where are those things those potions the lucky potions that are to overpeness

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